Sprouts Weekly: Good Deals on Muir Glen Soup, Avocados, and More

Well, Sprouts has some great deals this week, on things like Muir Glen organic soups, avocados, roma tomatoes, and a few other items, but it seems like the deals for the week after Thanksgiving are off to a really slow start! Maybe I’m just bummed because there aren’t any good baking deals yet. I suppose with Thanksgiving being so “early” this year, maybe the Christmas sales won’t start until December.

These deals are valid November 28-December 5, 2012. [rss-cut]

Double Ad Wednesday Deals

There was no new ad last week so there are not technically any Double Ad Wednesday deals, though their monthly flyer is valid through Wednesday. (I can’t seem to find it online, however.)

This Week’s Deals


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  1. Sprouts double Wednesday – ad that is week through 11/22 is still good today for double Wednesday.

    • Hmm, but they only have one ad listed on their website.

      • I spoke with someone at Sprouts this am. However, so far I haven’t made it there. Got pulled over for having an expired license (June!) and a $93.00 ticket. Had to go to DMV to get one, with a $100.00 late penalty. Had to go to the eye doctor to the tune of about $200.00. Just made it home with perhaps an ounce of gas. Not a good day. Maybe we will still make it this pm when husband gets home.

        • Nooooooo! Oh, what an awful day.

          I found out recently that they don’t send you any sort of renewal notice for your driver’s license. I guess you are supposed to put it on your calendar every five years or whatever it is. Kind of crazy if you ask me… At least I didn’t have to re-take the entire test like I did once when I accidentally forgot to renew my license in another state! :/

  2. Sorry – I mean’t license plates. Made it to Sprouts and they gave the discount ending 11/22. Filled up with gas with a KS discount, but they couldn’t take it for some reason. I really didn’t think the day would get any worse.

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