World Market: Wednesday-Only B1G1 Coffee Sale (Double Coffee Rewards!)

Wednesday only, World Market is putting their 12-ounce bags of coffee on sale buy one, get one free (starting price of $5.99)! Plus, if you’re a World Market Rewards member, you get double coffee credits on Wednesday!  The Explorer program gives you free bag of coffee for every six bags of coffee you buy – but on Wednesdays, each bag you buy counts as two bags, so you’d only need to purchase three to get a coupon for a free bag.

The buy one, get one free sale is limited to four free bags per customer, and they usually sell out pretty fast, so hurry in on Wednesday, November 28th to get this sale!  They are also offering buy one, get one free on their non-paper cups.

PS – if you want really fresh, amazing coffee, skip World Market and head to R&R Coffee Cafe in Black Forest. ;)



  1. Laura at TenThingsFarm says:

    Can someone help me a little? I don’t drink coffee (love the smell, though!) and my Hubby has recently started drinking it. If I understand right, ‘breakfast roast’ is still pretty ‘green’ and has more caffeine, and something like French roast is more roasted and has less caffeine? What is a good middle of the road kind? I want to get some for him, but not anything that will leave him wired.

    Many thanks!

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