Ask A Realtor: Should I Convert My Coat Closet Into A Pantry?

Shana writes:

I have a coat closet that shares a wall with the kitchen. I would like to convert the coat closet into a pantry. The door would open into the kitchen instead of at the top of the stairs (split level home). Is having a coat closet in Colorado important? Which is better for resale – a nice kitchen pantry in a smaller kitchen or a coat closet? Do people use coat closets for coats anymore? There are other storage areas in the home.

I would go with the pantry.  Having shown thousands of homes, I can tell you that buyers rarely even mention (or notice) a coat closet, but pantries are usually noticed and commented on.  IF a coat closet is noticed it will usually be on the way out the door, or after they’ve seen the whole house and they’re making a second trip through because they think the home is a possibility.  In other words, by the time they realize your home doesn’t have a coat closet, they’ve already decided if they like the house or not!

Do you have another place for coats?  Many homes have another area to hang coats when you come in from the garage which is actually a more practical location anyway.  In fact, this was the case in our home, and we recently tore out a coat closet in our living room to make the room larger, but we still have another place for coats.  If you have another place to put coats it makes your decision even easier – definitely do the pantry!

Either way, even if you don’t have a second location for coats, I wouldn’t hesitate to make the change if that is what you want for your home.  Having a pantry in lieu of a coat closet isn’t going to be an obstacle to selling, and may actually be a benefit.

– Jeremy

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