Daily Chatter: 1/15/13

I’m in the market for a feather duster – anyone have any recommendations?  I definitely don’t need the latest and the great (is there such thing in the feather duster world?) and would like to keep it close to $10-15, but if there’s something I should look for, I’d love to hear!  My kids will be using it if that helps guide your recommendations. ;)

Speaking of kids doing housework, I think I may have mentioned that I’ve started having the 7yo help with laundry.  He can pretty much do it himself, as long as I am confident there’s nothing that will become a disaster if it’s not properly sorted.  (The jeans and white towel mixed the other night wasn’t a disaster, but my white towel kind of has a blu-ish tint now. :/)

Anyway, so a few weeks ago the kids had been ordered to clean up the basement until it was as spotless as an unfinished basement can get.  They took me quite literally, down to doing the laundry.  I was so pleased when he told me he’d started the laundry all on his own – until I went down to switch it to the dryer and found that the “load” that he’d started was one.  baby.  sock.

Thankfully, our washer judges how much water to use by weight, so hopefully it didn’t use too much water.  I’m guessing that he put enough detergent in for a full load, though!  I just had to laugh and explain that I appreciated the effort but that the sock could have waited for a bigger load.

Last night I had supper ready at 5:30 and the dishes were cleaned up by 6:15!  Yeehaw!  I haven’t set specifics, really, but my goal for this year is to become more consistent about having supper on the table at a certain time.  I’m not sure it 5:30 is going to be our time, but Jeremy and I both agreed that it was really nice to be done with supper so early last night!

Of course, I am apparently addicted to having something cooking at all times, so as soon as I got the kitchen cleaned up, I started cooking ground beef and onions for tonight’s chili, and then made a Hot Fudge Pudding Cake (primarily because I needed to finalize the recipe for my From Garbage to Gourmet ebook that’s coming soon!).  And even that was mostly cleaned up by 7 PM.  I know this is probably mind-numbingly boring to some of you, but I am thrilled and motivated to do it again tonight.



  1. Carrie,

    Flylay has a good duster. It costs a little more than what you want to spend (17.95 + shipping), but it is well worth it. I bought 2 from her website in 2007 and we still use them at my house. One has lost a few feathers with the kids using them and all, but nothing that interferes with their performance. I highly reconmend them.


    • Now I remember my MIL mentioning that FlyLady made a great duster! I love the shape – might have to consider it. I wonder if they ever go on sale?

  2. i was given one like 8 yrs ago by flylady that has held up great & works well – might ck her website and see if she still has them

  3. ONE. BABY. SOCK!!! That makes me laugh!

    I have a duster that I like much better than a feather duster. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s more like white fur on a stick….it works so much better at attracting dust than the feather kind. I got it in a clearance bin at King Soopers.

    • Ooh, is it a Swiffer duster? I think I had a few of those a couple of years ago when they were free with the coupon. I really liked them, but it seems like maybe they were supposed to be “disposable”. I remember washing them but I don’t remember if they held up or not.

  4. Hahaha, just now reading this…one baby sock…that is so funny! I haven’t started teaching the kids to wash laundry yet — teaching them how to fold and put it away is enough of a chore at the moment. ;)

  5. I too have 2 of the flylady duster and those are the ones the kids use. I’ve had them since 2006 or 2007 and LOVE them….especially the really big one. Great for kids and worth the extra cost I think. One word of caution, I don’t remember if you have a cat or not but if you do keep these babies put up or you’ll have a feather duster no more :)

  6. A couple of years ago I got a pack of 10 or 12 microfiber cloths from Wal-Mart in the Automotive section for under $5. They work great and can be washed. I have one of those “fur on a stick” things, too, but the microfiber cloths get used a lot more.

    • I need to get some of those microfiber cloths and that sounds like a great price. We have a ton of cut-up shirts that we use for rags, but I like the microfiber ones for washing windows.

      I’ve been doing ok with rags for dusting, but I kind of want the “fur on a stick” to be able to more easily dust things that aren’t flat or that are hard to wipe down.

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