Reader Request: Sewing Machine Repair

Nancy writes:

Do you have a suggestion for a sewing machine repair person? I called several places and they quoted me $130-$180 for just a general cleaning! For that, it would be cheaper to get a new machine, which I don’t want to do. I don’t mind going to someone’s home-based business.

Can you recommend a place for sewing machine repair in Colorado Springs?  Please comment on this post with your tips!

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  1. Larry at Security Sew & Vac is great! Last time I sent my sewing machine “to the spa” it cost me less than $100! He is on Main street in security, kindof by the Sonic there. His number is 719-390-0405. At times his turn-around time can be 2 weeks, but he has done amazing things with both my sewing machine and my carpet cleaner. He will also give advice on the phone if you as questions!

  2. That is actually the going rate for sewing machine repair.

    If you really just want regular maintenance, I would suggest purchasing the online machine maintenance class from It is a fantastic computer-basedclass that you can view from your home as often as you want forever. Yep! Forever. They go through all of the regular maintenance actions most of us forget to do or might never have been taught to do. Performing these will truly make your machine purr. They sometimes offer sales on the classes but I believe their regular price is $29.95 although I might be off by ten dollars.

    But for maintenance in a shop, I have always paid about $125 for a regular machine and $175 for my fancy sewing/embroidery machine. Honestly, I think their services are worth it if you use your machine a lot as I do. It protects my hefty investment.

  3. Griggs Vacuums @ 1706 W Colorado Ave
    Sewing Machine Repair
    $59.95 clean,oil, and adjust
    Serving Colorado Springs for the last 30 years.

    • Does that price also work for a computerized sewing machine? It seems that some places charge a different rate for computerized.

      • Annie,
        Yes, for a general service (clean, oil, and adjustments)
        on a computerized machine is $59.95.
        Give us a call with any questions.
        Adam Griggs

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