Walgreens Weekly: Cheap Cottonelle, Bottled Water, Plus 4 Free Items

It’s nice to see a few more Register Reward deals happening this week. And, even a moneymaker on K-Y gel.

I’m always glad when Cottonelle comes on sale at the same time we have a coupon available. And, if you are in need of some bottled water, this is a pretty good price for this time of year.

Be sure to read “Walgreens Coupon Policy and FAQ” if you are a new Walgreens shopper, or even if you aren’t sure that you’re making the most of your shopping experiences!

These deals are valid January 27 – February 2, 2013.




  1. lizlemontree says:

    FYI Yesterday was double dip day. That was the first time i heard about it but it will happen again so keep your eyes open for it. I got 16 bags of chips for about 3.00 net. Because there was an overlap in deals so you could get them bogo and 2.00 each. I had 6 coupons for free dip when you buy 2 (these are peelies as well) And I used 2 Qs for 1.00 off doritos from this foodlion site. I got 12000 pts which is great. I was suprised it worked!

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