Daily Chatter: 3/19/13

Daily Chatter is a regular (but not really daily as the title would imply) peek into what my family is doing and random things I’m thinking about. It usually has nothing to do with bargains, so read at your own risk!

Why do people list things as Monday-Sunday?  Does anyone besides me have to think twice – or three times – about whether that includes all seven days?


This is what my house looked like this morning.  I got up late after being up with the baby twice and once with a kid with growing pains*.  I spent the first three hours of the morning feeding everyone breakfast and then working.  I know it doesn’t seem like the little bit I posted on the site should have taken the better part of three hours, but there was a lot of behind-the-scenes, super fun stuff that you get to do when you are a business.  (Trade name renewals and checking reconciliation, yay.)

*I don’t think that they are really actually “growing pains” but that’s what I’ve always heard them called.  I always had growing pains in my knees at night and I vividly remember my mom coming in and rubbing them for me. I have a couple of girls who have issues with it – one in particular (ironically she is the one who looks the most like me!) – and so while I hate getting up at night, I still feel bad for her because I remember that it hurts. :(  I could shove Jeremy out of bed, I suppose, but by the time I wake him up enough to tell him what needs to be done I’m fully away myself. :)

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Speaking of Jeremy, no, he doesn’t usually get up with the kids, but he is awfully helpful in a lot of areas and this past weekend, his heroic action was to fix my immersion blender!  You guys, I use this thing just about every day and I was so sad when it broke.  See, it actually broke a few years ago, when I lost my sanity for a bit and thought it would be a good idea to try to puree frozen fruit with it (to make a smoothie).  I stripped out the gears in the motor and he fixed it with Liquid Nails and it was as good as new.

Well, I used it like that for several years and then last week I was pureeing refried beans when it stripped out again.  The Liquid Nails fix had come loose, and the gears were again stripped.  I figured it was done, but he said he’d take a look at it.  He used some epoxy (left over from Grand Prix car building) to re-permanently attach it back together and it is again as good as new.  (I realize I am being vague about the repair method but I can’t figure out how to explain it clearly.)

Does anyone have any great alternatives to OxiClean?  Particularly for whitening sheets?  I used the powdered OxiClean for soaking stuff for awhile, until I realized that the cause of a huge breakout of dermatitis I had was due to OxiClean.  (It was inducing-to-tears bad!)  So, I stopped using it, but I’d really like to find something that will whiten sheets similarly!  (The main issue is body oil making them turn yellow.)  I add hydrogen peroxide to loads of whites, and I think it’s effective, but I haven’t used it for soaking.  I feel like I’d need to put a whole bunch in the water (which could get expensive) if I use it for soaking.  Any tips?  I’m thinking maybe some good old fashioned sun but we aren’t supposed to line-dry because of our HOA.



  1. I am SO glad I read your post today (ok, I am glad I read all your posts as the Daily Chatter from you is Daily Laughter for me most of the time). I never thought about the OxyClean being the potential problem for my family with a dermatitis issue. We use fragrance free everything due my hypersensitive skin, including OxyClean free, but now I am wondering. Oh, my husband’s love would simply explode if I could cure him of that misery.

    Have you heard of Laundry Bluing? It is an old product that I have only purchased to make salt crystal gardens for science projects for homeschool, but according to the package, it counteracts the yellowing in whites.

    • Well, here’s my laundry story in a nutshell: I break out with Tide, Purex Natural Elements (ironically), and Oxiclean; but All, Arm & Hammer, and other varieties of Purex are fine, even if they aren’t the “free and clear” variety.

      I have a family history of skin issues and my sister has a severe allergy to formaldehyde. The only detergent she can use is Arm & Hammer Free & Clear because it’s the only one that doesn’t have formaldehyde.

      Obviously, the allergies that cause dermatitis vary, but I would definitely try getting rid of the OxiClean for awhile and see if that makes a difference. I had just started using it when I broke out, and went a couple of weeks continuing to use it before it dawned on me what had happened. I never would have thought it would be an issue, but apparently it is for me!

  2. Katie Turner says:

    I use vinegar for my laundry to make it whiter or to sanitize it. Here’s an article on it: http://www.wikihow.com/Add-Vinegar-to-Laundry. I bet you could just soak it even…although I have not specifically tried this. Not all washing machines handle vinegar the same, but I’ve been doing it for years with no problems. I hope it helps :)

    • I use vinegar in my towels sometimes, but it doesn’t seem to do much for the whitening of the sheets. I did try soaking something in vinegar and leaving it out in the sun once, and it did seem to whiten it, though!

  3. Hi Carrie – I appreciate your down-to-earth style in the daily chatter posts (and I often get a little chuckle!). I found this online for making “homemade” bleach with hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice:
    Don’t know if it works but it looks like it might be worth a try!

  4. My husband and daughter both had severe “growing pains” and occasional dermatitis – I found out that they both had Celiac Sprue and cannot eat gluten. Once they were off gluten, my daughters skin cleared up, she grew about a foot and she no longer needed glasses! Pains went away. Just sounded too familiar not to comment!

  5. Try washing soda as your soaking agent (it’s also a good washer additive, and a main ingredient in homemade laundry soap). Arm & Hammer makes it, and it’s in the same aisle as your soaps. Look near where they keep borax. You may even try the borax – it’s what I’d add to laundry when my husband’s jeans smelled so awful from the factory where he worked.

    • I also like Arm & Hammer washing soda. King Soopers carries it, not sure about other stores. I use it to soak sheets and underwear before washing. Seems to work well.

  6. I second the borax! I use it on some serious baby stains and gets things clean and fresh.

  7. I have been looking for something for whitening instead of bleach. I will have to check out some of the recommendations.

    As for looking at weeks as Monday-Sunday, I love it that way. I always think of my weekends as one block of time, but a regular Sunday-Saturday calendar breaks it up. I think of the next week as starting on Monday, because that’s when everything picks up again from the weekend. I would totally use a Monday-Sunday week, but not all of my electronic calendars will let me choose that. I think it would be too confusing to have half of my calendars be Mon-Sun and half Sun-Sat, so I just stick with the standard calendar week.

    • I think that’s why it confuses me – Sunday through Saturday seems “standard” to me so when I see Monday through Sunday I have to think about it.

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