Eat Well, Spend Less: 7 Bloggers Answer 7 Questions

This month the Eat Well, Spend Less bloggers did a round-robin questionnaire.  I think this is my favorite Eat Well, Spend Less month ever – it has been really fun to see everyone answer the same question!  Here are links to all of the Q&As:

  1. What budget meal is a sure fire hit with everyone in your family? – hosted by Life as MOM
  2. Which homemade substitute of a grocery staple is saving you the most money in your kitchen right now? – hosted by Simple Bites
  3. What is/are your favorite store(s) to shop for groceries and why? – hosted by Keeping the Kingdom First
  4. What item(s) tend to go to waste in your kitchen? – hosted by Denver Bargains
  5. What’s the single most important frugal thing you do in the kitchen, the one thing you’d never drop? – hosted by Kitchen Stewardship
  6. What resources to do you recommend to friends/family/blog readers who are looking for cooking how-tos? – hosted by Easy Homemade
  7. How do you present new foods to your children? – hosted by Food For My Family

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