Moving Along: A Big Money-Saving Discovery (#3)

We are planning on selling our home and moving to a new one (still in the Springs!) this summer, God-willing. My husband, Jeremy, is a local Realtor and has a list of projects for us to do to help our house sell for top dollar.   Here’s an update on what we’ve done in the past couple of weeks; read all of the updates here.

Progress over this past week was pretty miniscule, it seems. The kids were sick, I had horrible trouble sleeping, and Jeremy had a super busy week of work. Most of what we did was little bits of caulking or painting here and there. We did buy a new mirror for the bathroom, but it’s yet to be hung.  The basement is starting to get full of stuff that needs to be packed (ie, it’s becoming a disaster zone).  We are in need of big boxes – we got a bunch of boxes from the liquor store which are great for things like books, but now I need to pack a bunch of bigger stuff and I need bigger boxes.

We did order the flooring from Home Depot – it’s supposed to take two weeks to get here, so I’m glad we ordered it when we did!  We ordered an extra box just to be sure we can finish the floor without having to order any extra and wait an extra two weeks for it to arrive.  Hopefully we don’t need to open the box at all (we’ll return it if so) but it’s better than not having enough.

And, we made a big money-saving discovery yesterday.  We need some river rock to fill in some places in our landscaping, and since there are always people giving it away on Craigslist, we decided to just watch for it there.  But then I thought that we should just see how much it would cost to get it from a rock place, and you guys, it is so much cheaper than we thought!


Jeremy filled the back of his van with this amount of rock for $8.00 at Pioneer Sand Company.  It’s clean rock, he was able to drive right up to it and load it with a shovel, and best of all, he didn’t have to race around town hunting down a Craigslist posting to get it.

He said their prices on sand were incredible, and pavers were a lot less than we paid at Home Depot a couple of years ago when we put in the sidewalk to the back yard.  Let’s not even think about how much money we could have saved if we’d known to go straight to the source rather than buying stuff in bags at the home improvement store.  The guy there said that “most people are pretty shocked when they realize how much cheaper it is”.  Um, yeah.  So, there’s a tip for you if you need any sort of rock, dirt, or sand products!

Oh, the other thing that Jeremy did this week was put up new house numbers.  Ours were the perfectly fine, but default numbers that everyone and their dog has had since 1982 so we put new ones up to make it stand out.  (I can’t find a link to them on Home Depot’s website, and I don’t have a picture of ours yet, but they are the same ones that this client of Jeremy’s put on their house – see it near the end of the video.)

Hopefully next week there will be a more exciting update – I’m hoping the floors could be in by this weekend and we could get them installed!

PS – If you are thinking about selling your home even in next year or two, don’t think that it’s too early to talk to my husband, Jeremy, about the things you might want to do to sell your house for the maximum possible!  He frequently talks to people that are a year or two out from selling, but want to know what types of things they can improve now to help when they sell (and then you still get awhile to enjoy it yourself, too!).  You can call or text him at 719.231.9043, email, or visit his website to find out more.



  1. C and C Sand is another good place to get rock, soil etc. Depending on what I’m getting, they are sometimes cheaper than Pioneer or have something different.

  2. I would love to know some ideas on how to make our house more presentable for selling. We are planning on putting our house on the market this month as well. Any good move out cleaning company you could recommend as well? Someone who would clean from the baseboards to the ceiling?

  3. We have been updating and working on our yard for the last couple summers. Pioneer is great! We have hauled truckload after truckload of dirt/fill dirt/sand/rocks to fix our yard. There is no way we could have afforded the changes we have made if we had used the big box stores.

    • Yep, we used Pioneer last summer for a garden area. They were the cheapest and we also used a coupon from the ValuPack mailer. They delivered and dumped the dirt for us…they were great to work with.

  4. C&C and Pioneer tend to have coupons in the coupon mailers especially during early spring when everyone is getting their yard and garden ready for summer. Their delivery charges are not too bad if you don’t have a vehicle suitable for hauling the materials and the delivery time is really quick. Pioneer has an email club that you can get coupons from and C&C website has a specials page with coupons on it too.

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