Moving Along: Carpet Stretching, Oven Cleaning, Power Washing (#4)

We are planning on selling our home and moving to a new one (still in the Springs!) this summer, God-willing. My husband, Jeremy, is a local Realtor and has a list of projects for us to do to help our house sell for top dollar.   Here’s an update on what we’ve done in week; read all of the updates here.

Our plan is to put our house on the market around May 1st, and that is just two weeks away – ack!  We have a couple of big projects left – installing the wood (engineered hardwood) floors on the main level and painting the outside of the house.  The floors should be ready to pick up soon (I think this is the one that we are doing) and the Sherwin Williams paint sale is supposed to start this week so we will be buying paint for the outside soon, too.  I sure hope it warms up so we can paint outside!

This past week, we did a bunch of little projects: Jeremy touched up the paint on the stairs, I touched up a bunch of paint, we sealed the grout on the new kitchen and bathroom floors, I continued packing up, etc.  Nothing too huge and exciting but all stuff that had to get done.


I cleaned the track of the sliding glass door and used a Magic Eraser to erase a ton of scuff marks that were on the frame.


I cleaned the oven, too. I love my gas stove, but it is kind of dated (we bought it used off Craigslist) so I think we are going to replace the stove and take the current one with us.  Regardless of whether we replace it or not, it needed to be cleaned.  (Note: the picture above is the dirty stove. ;)

Jeremy powerwashed the driveway and got a few oil spots mostly gone.  We are now banned from parking on the driveway until it sells, haha.  (We can park in the garage again once it’s cleaned up, but right now there is stuff all over from all of the projects we’ve been working on.  Once the wood floors are done, we should be able to clean it up.)


And, last night, Jeremy rented a carpet kicker from Home Depot and stretched the carpet in our master bedroom.  It had bunched up in a couple of places, like this:


We were going to have someone come out to stretch it, but yesterday afternoon Jeremy googled how to do it and figured out that you can rent the tool and DIY it.  The tool was $12 to rent and saved us about $100!  After doing it, he wished he’d gotten the “power stretcher” which cost a little more but would have been easier.  Still, it saved a nice chunk of change to do it ourselves and it looks great.  The part where it was bunched up is dirty since it got walked over so much, but hopefully that will come out when we have the carpets cleaned.  It’s just dirt and not a stain, so I think it should be fine after it’s cleaned.

PS – If you are thinking about selling your home even in next year or two, don’t think that it’s too early to talk to my husband, Jeremy, about the things you might want to do to sell your house for the maximum possible!  He frequently talks to people that are a year or two out from selling, but want to know what types of things they can improve now to help when they sell (and then you still get awhile to enjoy it yourself, too!).  You can call or text him at 719.231.9043, email, or visit his website to find out more.



  1. Carrie, sounds like you have really put some work in! I hope your home sells fast.

  2. The power stretcher not only makes the job easier but, as a professional in the field, I can tell you it will give you a much tighter stretch that will last far longer than the shorter term fix the knee kicker gives you.

    I enjoy your blog! Its a regular read before we grocery shop. Keep it up!


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