Moving Along: End Construction Zone?! (#5)

We are planning on selling our home (May 1st is the target date!) and moving to a new one (still in the Springs) this summer, God-willing. My husband, Jeremy, is a local Realtor and has a list of projects for us to do to help our house sell for top dollar.   Here’s an update on what we’ve done in the past week; read all of the updates here.

It’s crunch time: we’re about a week away from our appointment with Jeremy’s real estate photographer and videographer, and a week and a half from it going on the market, and that means we need to get stuff done.  And, thankfully, we are!  We aren’t quite done with everything, but we are close enough to being done with inside projects that the mess of caulking tubes, paint cans, paintbrushes, screwdrivers, hole putty, etc. is off my kitchen counter.

Our engineered maple hardwood floors finally came in last week and we got them installed over the weekend after living like this for a couple of days:


Let me tell you, trying to keep five kids off the foam underlayment and plywood flooring for two days was tons of fun.

Jeremy took up part of the carpet and pad late one night after I was sleeping and it sounds like I missed the fun part.  He said the amount of dirt that had sunk through the carpet and pad in the high-traffic areas was incredible.  Based on the amount of dirt that I swept up when I helped removed the carpet and pad from non-high traffic areas, I shudder to think about how nasty the high-traffic areas were.  Definitely made us think twice about ever installing carpet again.  (Jeremy sometimes comments that he sees 100-year-old hardwoods in houses fairly often – but never 100-year-old carpet!)

The floors were pretty easy to install – I think the hardest part was going around the floor vents, but Jeremy got that figured out without too many issues.  We had already ripped out the baseboards because we upgraded the trim in the main level, and that definitely made the floor installation job easier.



We are really pleased with how it looks and feels!  The floors are engineered hardwood and look like real wood – which was key both for our personal preference and resale value.  I wish we’d been able to do it last summer as we planned, but we ended up spending the floor money on air conditioning and in hindsight, it was a good decision because the air conditioner made our summer a whole lot more productive!

I’m just super happy to have the living and dining areas done after living with them in a partially-finished state for a year.  Last winter, we out a dumb half wall and put carpet scraps over the place where we’d taken it out.  It is so nice to have it looking finished again!

I did some cleaning last week, like the vents:


I also did some wiping of surfaces in our unfinished basement.  I wiped down the furnace, plumbing pipes, and the top of the water heater.  I have no expectation that anyone will say “wow, that’s a clean water heater!” but it just contributes to the overall clean, polished feeling.

I also scrubbed some overspray of the knockdown wall texture that had landed on the basement’s cement floor.  (The stuff they spray on is water-soluble so you can just scrub it off.)  Again, nothing anyone will really notice but it should help the house stand out as clean.

There was lots more little stuff done in the past week, too – fixing of the bathroom light fixture that had a loose shade, brighter halogen lightbulbs in the bathrooms (I love them so much I will be doing it in the new house!), washing of the inside and outside windows, etc.  I am in love with the squeegee we borrowed from the mother-in-law – it’s amazing how great windows look when they are cleaned inside and out and the squeegee made it so much easier.

I’ll have another update in a day or two – we had our home pre-inspection and appointment with the home stager yesterday, so I’ll share why we did that and what we’re doing as a result soon.

PS – If you are thinking about selling your home even in next year or two, don’t think that it’s too early to talk to my husband, Jeremy, about the things you might want to do to sell your house for the maximum possible!  He frequently talks to people that are a year or two out from selling, but want to know what types of things they can improve now to help when they sell (and then you still get awhile to enjoy it yourself, too!).  You can call or text him at 719.231.9043, email, or visit his website to find out more.



  1. I love the floors! Isn’t it funny what we go through to get our houses ready to sell, but then when we live in them we don’t take as much care.

    • Thanks! Yep, we are doing a ton – but, a lot of it was actually stuff we wanted to do for ourselves but got waylaid by other expenses (ie, the air conditioner). Wish we could have been able to do both last summer, but oh well!

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