Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: Save $2 Off With These Coupons

Headed to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo this summer?  Here’s a couple of discounts and coupons to save off the admission price:

If you are looking for a deal on membership, Candy mentioned that they are doing one through May 25th, 2013 – go here for more info on that.  It’s valid for new and gift memberships only.



  1. has anyone played the zoo keeper game? I keep failing it, lol! I’ve gotten all the way to the third round of questions and get stuck there. Any help is appreciated!!

    • I remember playing a year or two ago and it was TOUGH, haha. Sorry I can’t be of help but it’s not just you! :)

    • I played it a year or two ago. I thought it was next to impossible to pass, but finally did. I’m so glad the next year, my Entertainment book had a coupon for the zoo, so we just used that last year. Good luck!

    • I played it a couple weeks ago, it took me about 45 min and I definetly had to use the handbook. all the answers are there… Have fun…I saved $18!!!!

  2. Karley Ford says:

    I played it but that third round was testing my patience. I played that round for 30 minutes and double checked the answers and STILL didn’t pass.

  3. You can look up all the answers on the site. We kept failing until we figured out they provide the answers for you throughout the game.

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