Daily Chatter: 5/9/13

Well, here’s where I confess that I absolutely despise Mother’s Day.  Three hundred sixty-four days a year I generally have no problem dying to myself and serving my husband and kids but Mother’s Day brings out more selfishness in me than I care to admit it is there.  Last year, I determined that I was going to just make Mother’s Day a day to love the people that made me a mother but that turned out pretty awful, too; so this year, it is dead to me.  I will send a card to and call my mother and make sure Jeremy does the same for his, but other than that, you are dead to me, you Hallmark holiday.

(Though I can’t help but hope that I can maybe eat dairy again by Mother’s Day.  The 15-month-old is this close to being done nursing.)

(There I go, setting myself up for an awful day because of unmet expectations that I’m trying not to have but can’t help but dream about.)

What about you – love or hate Mother’s Day?

We are counting down the days until school is out – about a week and a half left and I am so ready to be done.  I’ve kind of lost my focus over the past few months and while I know the kids are learning, I don’t feel like we have a great routine so I am looking forward to having some time off, not feeling guilty about not having a schedule, and then having some time to think about what works and what doesn’t so I can plan for next year.  But first, we are going to enjoy some summertime without feeling like we “should be” doing school.

I have absolutely adored the rainy days we’ve had this week.  Some of you are probably wishing for sun already, but I could live with dreary days 75% of the time and be a wonderfully happy person.  (That is my one complaint with Colorado weather – there is just too much sunshine!)

Does it ever strike any of you that some children’s picture books are just plain weird?  Sometimes I wonder if it’s me, too grown up to see the magic in it for the kids; or if it’s the author, too grown up to get what kids think is fun.  Mostly I think it’s the authors, because generally the books that I think are weird are ones that the kids don’t particularly enjoy, either.   (Or maybe I just don’t know how to read them so that they are fun.) I don’t even know how to describe them – there are too many types of weird!  Give me a nice story with some normal pictures, please.



  1. What, no comments?
    I’m all in with you, Carrie.
    I bought into the whole Hallmark Fantasy years ago, only to be sorely disappointed.
    I choose to believe that every day is Mother’s Day because I love my children, my mother and my mothers in law all 365 days, and not focus on retail trying to run my life.

  2. Shannon says:

    I just wanted to add that I hate Mother’s Day, just show people you love them every day!

  3. Melissa says:

    I am not a fan of Mother’s Day.

    All our family lives here in CO and we all get together every holiday; Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Labor Day, Flag Day, Groundhog Day (you get the idea) and it is almost always at our house. I am the only mom in the family that works outside the home, has children at home and is an active volunteer and my reward for Mother’s Day is to get to clean my house extra good and spend a couple of days cooking while my whole family stands around and says “I don’t know how you do it!”

    I am currently playing chicken with my mother-in-law to see who will flinch first and host this year… we are 3 days away and so far I am holding firm. I am dreaming of Dominos pizza and grape juice by candle light with just my husband and daughter… sigh… this could be the BEST Mother’s Day ever.

  4. Meredith says:

    Wow, such negativity! I like Mother’s Day! My child is old enough now to have made me his first homemade present for me. I’m going out to eat for breakfast since breakfast foods are my favorite foods. And yes a little attention and appreciation dictated by a specific day on the calendar is enjoyed because frankly in real life mothers are not appreciated everyday regardless of whether they should be or not.

    • I’m with Meredith in response to the negativity. I like Mother’s Day a lot because it’s just one more day to be thankful for so many blessings in my life….most especially being a mother.

      • I tried that last year, LOL – and my ugly selfishness STILL reared it’s head because I still had a small hope that SOMETHING special would happen and all plans failed (we tried to go out to eat and the two places we tried were closed, plus other disasters). So I’ve given up. :)

  5. CharLynn says:

    I’ve always hated Mother’s Day. That being said it isn’t for the Hallmark reason. But based on these interesting comments I’m changing this year. I liked Cindy’s comment the best – another “day to thankful for so many blessings in my life…most especially being a mother.” I’m going to try to remember that. I’ve always struggled with Mother’s Day because for me it turns out to be a day when I see all my faults and that I don’t do all the things I think I should or I see other mother’s do. So this year, instead of thinking for all should do’s, my focus will be about being thankful for my three beautiful children and for being able to be my children’s mother. Thanks ladies.

  6. Valerie says:

    This article completely sums up my point of view on Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc) and is a really encouraging read for all moms out there: http://theresurgence.com/2013/05/08/happy-daughter-s-day?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheResurgence+%28The+Resurgence%29

    • Wow! What an amazing article! Thank you so much for sharing it! It couldn’t be more well said! It described so accurately how I feel. I had to chuckle when it talked about how men don’t know what to do with it…that is so true!! My husband actually told me this week that he wished there wasn’t a Mother’s or Father’s day at all! His words hurt me…left me thinking that he wished he didn’t have to “honor” or “praise” me, but like the article said, I’m not the one who should be “honored” or “praised” at all! Jesus deserves ALL the honor and praise, and when I seek it…for what I’ve done…I’m only left empty and discontent b/c it’s not about what I’ve done, only what He has done for me, and it’s in Him that I find my fulfillment, not from my husband or children! Thanks again for submitting the link to that article, and I encourage everyone to read it!!

  7. Lisa T. says:

    Well, I took your advice Carrie and got your husband to our house to see what needs to be done before we move in 3-4 years. So, I guess for Mother’s Day I’m getting a new dishwasher, new fixtures throughout the house, and much more in the years to come. I know, it’s not all lovey-dovey, and mushy, but I’ll get to enjoy every day. I prefer getting stuff for the house rather than flowers that die, or stuff I’m not crazy about. A card, a hug and a kiss and having my son home from college is plenty for me. My mother’s gone now a year and a half, and I miss her every day. Tell your mom you love more often.

    • Hey, a new dishwasher is a PERFECT Mother’s Day gift, IMO – it actually makes the job of a mother easier, at least a little, right? ;) Perhaps I am just way too practical to appreciate Mother’s Day. :)

      • I agree, practical that makes my life easier is the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift. I told my husband I would prefer new silicone spatulas as I broke the handle on my last one last week. He informed me that was a boring gift. I replied that it might be boring, but I would think of my family every time I use it, which is almost daily :) Makes sense to me!

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