Moving Along: It’s FOR SALE! (#8)

We are listing our home for sale this summer and moving to a new one (still in the Springs) this summer, God-willing. My husband, Jeremy, is a local Realtor and has a list of projects for us to do to help our house sell for top dollar.   Here’s an update on what we’ve done in the past week; read all of the updates here.

front-of-8358-kettle-drum-street-in-colorado-springsIt’s finally done (OK, mostly – we still have a little bit of exterior paint left) – our home’s status is officially for sale!  You can view the home showcase website with photos and video here.  Know someone that’s looking for a house in this price range?  I’d love to have you share the info with them!

Now, we have a showing in a little while so I need to get the house looking a little more like it does in the photos, haha.  If only it stayed that way for longer than ten minutes…



  1. Brenna says:

    I have to ask what the huge check on the wall is all about…

    • It’s a piece of my family history! :) It’s a check that my great-grandma wrote for a pair of shoes for my dad in 1957. The check is from the dairy farm that my great-grandparents owned, it’s from the bank that my grandma worked at for years, and the handwriting reminds me of my dad’s.

  2. Gorgeous home! I hope it is a quick sell for you all!!

  3. Gorgeous home. But I have to ask where you eat? There’s no kitchen table or stools in your kitchen.

  4. Beautiful! OK I must know what are the paint colors you used? Pretty Please.

    • Thanks, Betty! The main floor is Pony Tail by Olympic (was not a fan of their paint, btw – took several coats and we were waiting over a very light beige). The master suite was something in Valspar, but I don’t have record of the color – I think because we color-matched it to a paint sample from somewhere else. :/

  5. Thanks! So pretty. Hope you will enjoy your new home. I don’t envy you on the moving part of it. ;)

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