You-Pick Farms in Colorado Springs?

I’ve had a couple of readers contact me in the past couple of weeks and ask for a listing of you-pick farms in the Colorado Springs area.  Problem is, we just don’t have many, so there’s not much of a list!  Here are the two that I know of in the Colorado Springs area:

Happy Apple Farm in Canon City – you-pick apples and pumpkins in season.

High Altitude Rhubarb Farm in Black Forest – you-pick rhubarb (two days a year only) and local honey

And farther north, north of Denver, there is:

Miller Farms – you-pick potatoes, pumpkins, corn, tomatoes, and lots of other produce during their Spring and Fall Festivals.

The western slope of Colorado is more conducive to growing things, so there are probably more over there if you want to drive a ways.  Do you know of any other places where you can pick berries, apples, and other produce in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area?

Be sure to read the comments below for even more you-pick farms in Colorado Springs and north Colorado!

Here is our list of local farmers markets!



  1. Christina says:

    On the south side of Colorado Springs, Harlan Wolfe Ranch has pick-and-pay days starting in June. You can pick a variety of vegetables and even flowers.

    The website is:

  2. We went to the Rhubarb Farm a few years ago and it was nice. We had a good time and had more strawberry Rhubarb jam then we knew what to do with. We couldn’t really find any other place to pick things at either.

  3. Heather says:

    We used to live in Florence and we always go to 3rd Street Apples down there for the apples. They have around 30 different kinds and a little farmers market. They are the nicest people. Miller farmers is far but you can make a day of it and the kids can help

    • Nancy Peterson says:

      I, too, used to go to Third Street Apples in Penrose; however, just checked their website for the 2013 season:

      Updated August 15, 2013

      CLOSED! We will not be open for the 2013 season

      Sadly, we had several severe freezes in March and April of 2013 (beginning with 2 nights at 1 degree below zero on Palm Sunday!) As a result there are no apples in our orchard. In addition, the ongoing extreme drought in this area has damaged some of the oldest trees, and there have been no wildflowers of alfalfa for the bees, so no honey either. All of the younger trees have been on drip irrigation for the past two years, and we should have a good crop in 2014…keep your fingers crossed, and stay tuned to our website.

  4. We go up to Berry Patch Farms in Brighton a couple of times a year, usually to pick pie cherries and strawberries. It’s quite a drive, about 1 1/2 hours from the Springs, but it is organic and kid-friendly. We pick a flat and bring them home to can and freeze. I think it’s best to go in the mornings before it gets too hot and crowded. They also have a farm store that is awesome.

    And I second the Harlan Wolf Ranch for the pick and pay days.

  5. Melissa says:

    Happy Apple Farm also has blackberries and raspberries that you can pick. We’ve taken the kids the last 2 years and had a lot of fun!

  6. Meredith says:

    Happy Apple Farm is currently picking gooseberries by appointment only.

  7. I just got back from the Happy Apple Farm, went for blackberries. The website said they were ready today, I barely got a pint of them. :( There are not enough ripe berries yet. hopefully in a few days to a week they will be ripe!

  8. Are any of these places Organic, follow organic practices, or at least not spray the fruit?

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