Moving Along: We Are No Longer Home Owners! (#11)

We listed our home for sale this spring. My husband, Jeremy, is a local Realtor and has a list of projects for us to do to help our house sell for top dollar, which I’ve been chronicling along the way in this “Moving Along” series.

As of yesterday at 10 AM, we no longer own a home!


The closing on our current home was Tuesday, and we are thanking the Lord for a smooth transaction, a great price, and ideal timing – we received a full-price offer after just over a week on the market; and the buyers agreed to close in mid-June and allow us to rent the house back to them through the end of June so that we could close on our home purchase and have time to fix it up a little bit before moving in.

However, we can’t close on our new home until the fire is 100% contained (because our new home is in an area close to the fire zone), so we are really grateful to be able to have a few more days in our current house, even if it is putting our remodeling schedule woefully behind.  We are hoping they get it contained by Thursday so that we can close on Friday, but only God knows for sure when that will happen.  It has been very clear that He has been orchestrating everything in this situation, and while I personally would prefer to have all of my ducks in a row all of the time, I’m learning some good lessons about trusting in God and His plan through this situation. :)

I’ll share more about the whole process of selling and then buying soon – but right now, I’m a little busy twiddling my thumbs while we wait to move!  (That’s an ironic statement, I know, but it’s kind of how I feel right now!)


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