Target: Starbucks Coffee $3.54 Per Bag After Coupons & Gift Card

Jen found a smokin’ hot deal at Target for Starbucks coffee!

Saw a potentially really good deal on Starbucks coffee beans I wanted to pass along… It is currently on sale at Target for $7.29 a 12 oz bag (it is also good on any of the Starbucks VIA, and other coffees like that), with a promotion of a $10 Starbucks gift card with the purchase of 4 bags.

Purchase four bags with the coupons that have been out $2 off 2 bags or a $3 off 2 bags (I had picked these up at a Starbucks store counter) and you have 4 bags of coffee for $3.54 a bag (roughly, depending on your coupons….) PLUS if you factor in the free tall coffee on taking the bag into a store (coupon on all the coffee bags sold anywhere besides the actual Starbucks) – it’s even better!

You’ll end up paying $24.16-$25.16 at the checkout, and then earn the $10 Starbucks gift card, which comes out to $14.16-$15.16 total or $3.54-$4.54 per bag – a rock-bottom price for sure (though keep in mind that the gift card is to Starbucks not Target)!  Jen mentioned that she thought the deal was going on for the better part of the month of June.

One more note from Jen:

Also, when I did it, the computer system did not automatically generate the gift card, they told me there was a glitch in the system that needed to get fixed and I had to go to customer service to get it figured out BUT they were more then happy to do it and acknowledged it was an issue their computers were having.



  1. Heather says:

    it’s great on all the starbucks stuff. I just got four frap four packs, paid $21 and got a 10 gift card.

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