One-Way Flights Starting at $49 from Frontier Airlines

It’s time for Frontier Airlines’ annual Colorado Day sale – at least, I think this is their annual sale, though I’m not seeing them calling it that this year.  You can get one-way flights as low as $49 when you book by August 1st and fly by December 18th.   Flights to sixty-four cities are eligible for this deal, but seats are limited and many popular flights will sell out fast.

Click here to visit the Frontier Airlines Colorado Sale for 2013!



  1. Frontier’s main selling point was being able to fly out of COS. Now that they left our airport, I figure that if I’m going to fly out of Denver anyway, I’ll use Southwest… it’s cheaper and bags are free.

  2. I choose Southwest every chance I get, However this is a great sale….$49 bucks one way is very cheap…makes paying for the bag worth it. Plus Frontier is not a bad airline to fly on. :-)

  3. Only a couple of flights are $49. Most are significantly higher. For example, flying to L.A. is $89. I’d rather go Southwest at that price.

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