Architectural salvage stores in Colorado Springs

Want more information on these stores? Please contact them directly: Habitat Restore at 719-667-0840 and Use Again Building Materials at 719-473-2150.

Jeremy and I recently bought our “forever” home in Black Forest – “forever” in that we are hoping this will be the home that our grandkids remember, and “forever” in that we will be fixing it up forever! Part of our home was built in the 1920s, and part was built in the 1950s. We’ve let the home dictate its own style, and that’s meant needing to find unique fixtures that can’t be found at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

There aren’t many architectural salvage stores in Colorado Springs, but there are two that I know of: Use Again Building Materials and Habitat ReStore.


Use Again Building Materials is the larger, and I felt better organized, architectural salvage store of the two. Stock obviously rotates, but they had a large selection of doors (interior and outdoor), windows, lumber, trim, plumbing fixtures – just about everything “significant” you might need. (They didn’t seem to have as many smaller parts, like doorknobs or plumbing parts, as Habitat ReStore; and they don’t have things like paint).



They had a pretty large selection of antique doors.





Some of the more unique things they had included cement board siding.


HVAC scrap…


And various sizes of new and reclaimed lumber.


Lots of trim to look through!

Use Again takes cash and check only, though they told me they are working on accepting credit cards as well. This architectural salvage store is located at 506 West Cucharras St. in Colorado Springs. Find their contact information and hours on their website.

habitat restore used building materials in Colorado Springs

Habitat ReStore is a well-known architectural salvage store. I think their prices are probably slightly better than Use Again, though I don’t think they have as much of a selection of antique items.

cabinets at Habitat restore

Cabinets are plentiful at Habitat Restore…

doors at habitat restore in Colorado Springs

This is a door that I considered purchasing but opted not to. It was $45, I think.

habitat restore tile price list

They have a huge selection of tile, something I didn’t see much of at Use Again. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the tile selection, but they have lots. Finding a bunch of pieces that match is a challenge, but if you don’t need to tile a large area or need basic white ceramic tiles, this is definitely worth a stop.

Habitat Restore also has a fair amount of things like paint, grout, drywall mud, etc. You can find their hours and more information on their website.

I definitely think both of these stores are good places to stop if you are looking for used and reclaimed building materials in the Colorado Springs area!



  1. Use Again now (Jun 2014) takes credit cards…I bought a small window a few weeks ago and paid with CC.

  2. Thank you for that review, I was thinking that CS did not have a lot of salvage stores and this is going to help me greatly, thanks again!

  3. I was wondering if you might have noted which would have more and cheaper selection of windows, period. I’m wanting to build a greenhouse from recycled windows, but obviously want to keep the project as affordable as possible.

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