Reader Request: Trash Service Provider

Anna writes:

I could use some assistance in choosing a trash service provider. We’ve used Waste Management the last 7 yrs we’ve been in the Springs, and while their service has been decent, I’m tired of them hiking the bill on a least a yearly basis for no apparent reason and with no warning. We started out paying maybe $68 quarterly (including recycling) and now are hovering just around $100 every 3 months. There’s no reminder if I forget to put the can out (although they’ll come by once every 12-mo period on an off day if I forgot), and I can count on one hand the times they’ve left it anywhere other than the curb where I left it.

I’ve been too lazy to change, but now I’m fed up. Who does everyone else use & how do you like them? Is the rate I’m paying as competitive as they are telling me?

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  1. We switched from Waste Management to Bestway and just the cost savings is amazing. I’m pretty sure we pay about $58 every 3 months and that is trash & recycling. There have been plenty of times that i have forgotten to put the can out and Bestway knocks on the door everytime!

  2. I really like Springs Waste. We had Bestway for years, and while I liked them, I also did not like the way they kept raising the prices. All I could afford with them was 1 can (my own) at the curb with 2 bags. They do ring your bell if you forget to put out your cans and Springs Waste won’t, but overall I’m happy with the change. Now I get their big can AND recycling for less than what I was paying Bestway, without recycling. Springs Waste almost always has a coupon in the ValPak coupons envelope for a free month of trash and 3 free months of recycling too.

  3. We moved into our new home in 2007 and at the time I called every waste company in the phone book to compare prices. Waste Management was certainly among the most expensive if I remember correctly. I finally went with Waste Systems Inc. due to the fact that they were the most inexpensive choice at the time. I can tell you that I do not regret my decision…I have never had a problem with them and they are always very happy to help if you call them by phone. Small company but great customer service.

  4. We’ve been using Rocky Mountain Disposal for several years, and we like them. Our bill is $54 every quarter, and they’re great about taking a few extra bags here and there (like after we’ve raked the leaves).

    • I second Rocky Mtn. Disposal! We’ve been with them for years. They will come get my cans if I forget them (I don’t need a ringing doorbeel), they only take 1 day off a year (Christmas), and have never charged a “fuel fee” — ever. They have Single Stream recycling currently on the North end of town, and I believe they intend to increase that.

      According to their add, $18/mo your container, $20/mo w/ 95 gal container, and they are locally owned.
      If it matters — they are some of the quietest trucks that rumble through my neighborhood ;-)

    • I agree with Rocky Mtn Disposal as well. I pay $60/quarterly and they have always been decent. No fuel or dump fees. If you are on vacation for a week, they give you a hold credit so you aren’t paying for trash pickup while you are gone. The only downside I have with them is that they have yet to offer recycling in my area. I’ve tried Bestway & Waste Management in the past and will never go back! Bestway kept saying I hadn’t paid them for 6 months and even though I faxed the cancelled checks to them they still would not accept that I had paid them. Waste Management was just rude. They would spill garbage and just leave it.

  5. I just priced this out about a month ago. Springs Waste is the cheapest. Service has been fine since we started last month. I have also heard good things about Bestway. They are a bit more pricey but will go out of their way to find your trash. So, that may be helpful if you have trouble remembering to get it out.

  6. I switched to Bestway for the very same reason! We have 2 cans, one of which is recycling, and we can put up to 2 bags out with those. I think it’s around $65 a quarter. We’ve been using them for 6 months now and no complaints and they will come to your door if you forget to put the trash out.

  7. Forgot to mention…with Waste Systems Inc. we pay $43.50 per quarter for 1 large can without recycling. That prices has not changed in the 6 years that we have used them. On the negative…they certainly don’t ring the bell if I forget to put out the trash. Hope that helps.

    • We also use Springs Waste. We’ve not had an issue in the 9 years we’ve used them. Our rate is $47/ quarter for the largest can plus wheelie recyling bin. True, they don’t ring the bell when you forget to put out the trash, but when I’ve called with an oops, they make sure their driver gets back our way!

  8. Oy, don’t get me started re: Waste Management – I cancelled with them in May and am still getting “past due notices” and automated invoices! Anyway, I highly recommend Springs Waste for great service and price. We pay $60/qtr. for trash and recycling (one can each). They replied to my online service request within one hour and had the cans out the next day! Excellent!

  9. For those in the northern part of the county including Gleneagle, Black Forest, Elbert, Monument, etc. Tri Lakes Disposal is a great company. I have used them for a number of years whenever we moved back to the area with the military, and I have always been extremely pleased with their service. Their rates are better than other companies (I priced numerous companies before choosingTri Lakes on our most recent move back to the area) and the employees that come to pick up the trash have always been friendly and helpful. I know they offer military discounts as well as other discounts that I believe are listed on their website. I can only think of one small increase in prices over many years due to the rising of gas prices. Otherwise I truly think they are in business for the customer and I don’t say that often at all. Hope this helps someone.

  10. I’m not sure if TrashTaxi picks up in the Springs, but they are amazing! I know it sounds silly to say that about a trash company, but they really are. There was a day my garbage man wasn’t going to make it because of weather and he called me,not once but twice to give me updates on when he was going to be here. On top of that he always waves to my children, which they couldn’t be more thrilled about! They are $55 for 3 months which includes recycling and one large item a month. If I miss a week they never charge me more for putting out more the next week. I cannot say enough good things about them!

  11. Melissa E says:

    We have had Bestway Disposal for 9 years. Love them. I love knowing my trash days will only change if it is Thanksgiving or Christmas. On windy days, they always put my cans up by the garage door. Plus my guys are very friendly and never leave trash spilled in our streets. I believe they also have a military and senior citizen discount.

  12. Best Ways is the best! Hands down! They are a little more expensive than the others, but the security of knowing that they will take the time to knock on your door if you forget to put your trash out is worth it! Also, if they left your area, just give them a call. Usually, they are able to come back around to pick up your trash.

  13. It’s still funny to me that this is such a hot topic. We’ve lived her 8 years now, and this is probably the one thing I like more (besides family) about FL compared to CO. In FL (Orlando area), recycling was always included, and you did not have to shop around for service (and they picked up 2/week). That said, we’ve used WM, Rocky Mtn., and now have Bestway (through HOA). I had issues with customer service for both WM and Rocky Mtn. Rocky Mtn. picked our garbage up well before 7, although 7am was the time we were told to have our cans out. I finally dropped their service after a while because we got a cheaper deal with WM (it was a door-to-door flier for $42/quarter including recycling) and RM was consistently coming early, but not responding to my phone calls to simply ask if the trash needed to be at the curb earlier (they always said 7am.) It’s so silly that we have multiple trucks going to nearly every neighborhood each week. It seems like everyone could save a lot of fuel/money/pollution if we just worked on it a little. Okay, done sharing/venting, lol.

  14. Well, I have Waste Systems.

    I kind of hate them. Not enough to go through all the effort of a change, but, one time, I had some kids come around looking to make a few bucks cleaning up the yard. I gave them ten dollars to do so, and showed them which trash can to put the waste in.

    That ended well. They used the recycling can.

    I found this out because the Recycling dude banged on my door at 7 am and started screaming at me in front of my children. I had to ask him to calm down at least 3 times before I could even understand what had happened, and then when I explained what had been done, he walked off, muttering something about having the regular trash guy come back and empty the bin. Needless to say HE didn’t get any Christmas goodies.

  15. We have had Bestway Disposal for over 7 years and have been very happy. Recently, the price on our invoice went up. I did some research and found that Springs Waste was cheaper. However, when my husband called to cancel, Bestway was willing to match the price and increase our service to include recycling in order to keep us! We pay under $60 per quarter to have the trash and recycling toters.

    The service is also great. One time we had a lot of loose dirt and rocks in the can which isn’t allowed. The both left a note and had made a kind personal call to my husband before the end of the business day to let us know and help us understand. I really appreciated that since it was our fault for not doing it correctly!

  16. We have had Springs Waste for 2.5 years ($54/every 3 months = $18/month). Never had any issues and no complaints. Ironically enough…TODAY, we had a flyer stuck in our door about Waste Connections, and it included information about their $12/month rate that includes a 96 gallon trash tote and up to 3 additional bags on the side. I called Waste Connections…verified that this would essentially be the EXACT same deal we have had with Springs Waste, and then made the call to Springs Waste. They matched the price without blinking. For everyone above…especially those that have Springs Waste…know they will price match! $72/year savings with a 2 minute phone call.

    • Woohoo! We have used Springs Waste for 8years. Great prices and service! They always picked up our trash and recycling if we forgot (our cans are easy to access by the garage). Reccently we forgot, and they didn’t walk up to get them/empy them. But, when we called they scheduled a pickup the next day for either trash or recycling (we chose stinky trash) and they credited us for one week of free recycling (all of $3). I originally chose them for the lowest prices but still love them. Hubbie has even tipped em at Christmas a couple of times, and he isn’t overly generous. ;)

    • Awesome! Your hourly wage for that call was what, like $2160 per hour?! ;)

    • FYI- just called Springs Waste (customer for 7 years) and was told the Waste Connections promo is only in certain areas and I needed the actual flyer with the promo code on the bottom for them to be willing to adjust our rate.

      • Well…that doesn’t sound right. They didn’t ask for any proof yesterday. As a customer that has been with them SEVEN years…they should have honored it for you as well. You know what I would do? Give Waste Connections a quick call and see if they could honor the $12/month price. If they CAN…you can go back to Springs Waste and do a little negotiating. If they still won’t honor it? I would switch. To me…trash service is trash service. Unless my trash people are bringing me roses and chocolates every week? WHO CARES? As long as the trash is GONE! (-:

        We live in Stetson Hills, where everyone received the flyer on the door. I tossed it yesterday, otherwise I would be happy to give you the “promo code.”

  17. Carrie, can you tell me what your readership is? I’d like to know so when I complain to a vendor I can explain that their lack of service is being telegraphed exponentially! Thanks!

    • Hi, Brooke – I usually only release that information to potential advertisers. I understand your thinking, but I don’t want anyone to think that this site is a place where people come and complain about everything (there are plenty of those out there!).

  18. I have Waste Connections and I love them! Best customer service in town. They have a referral program that I’ve earned many free months of service. Consider getting your neighbors to one company to reduce the amount of trucks in your neighborhood.

  19. Tacy Melvin says:

    We use Rocky Mtn, and I love their service. We switched from Springs Waste a few years ago and won’t go back. I am terrible about putting my cans down at the curb, but these guys routinely grab them anyway. They always put them back where they belong when they are done. They always seem to be smiling and waving, and on the rare occasion that both our big totes are full and there is additional stuff to the side, they happily take care of the extra without drama. I am willing to pay a little more for the stellar service we get with Rocky Mtn.

  20. I agree with Rocky Mountain Disposal! They have some special deal with our HOA (Village Seven) to where we only pay $12 a month, but they told me it would regularly be $20 which is still pretty cheap and that includes some recycling. They take #2 plastic, newspaper, and aluminum. They bring the trash can back to the house which I love! We used to have Waste Management and we were paying $25+ a month, no recycling, and they didn’t bring the trash can back. They’re awesome!! And when we first signed up they gave us a month free. Been with them for years and have no problems.

  21. We have had Waste Connections a long long time, their drivers are the Best, and quietest of all the services. Best Way, L&L etc run through here like a tornado is chasing them, they don’t care if kids live in the neighborhood, nor how many times they rush through like a chicken with it’s head cut off. For my money, Waste Connections is the best by far. Plus if there is anything wrong, you call them, they fix it. Simple. At least they care about the people, property and animals in our neighborhood!

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