How To Prepare What’s On Sale: Onions

It’s time for How To Prepare What’s On Sale!  This week at Albertsons, yellow onions are $0.59/lb.

Onions are an essential ingredient for most cooks, would you agree?  Yellow onions tend to be more pungent than their red and white counterparts, so they’re perfect for cooking.  Here are some recipes and tips for storing and serving onions!

When choosing onions, look for those with some papery skin still attached.  The skin is a natural moisture barrier and helps preserve the freshness of the onion.  Also, check for bruises or soft spots, as those onions likely have moldy spots inside.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Image from Andrew C: Wikimedia

Onions should be stored in a cool, dry place (not in the refrigerator.)  They can be stored loosely, or you could use this tried-and-true method: using a washed or new pair of pantyhose, place the onions into one foot of the hose, tying a knot above each onion.  Hang the onions in a cool, dry place, and cut below a knot whenever you need an onion!

Here’s another storage tip: don’t put onions near potatoes, as the onions will absorb gases from the potatoes and both of them will rot more quickly.

If you like doing kitchen work in batches, try slicing or dicing fresh onions for the freezer.  Here’s a great photo tutorial showing how to slice and dice onions.  To freeze them, use a paper towel to press out some of the moisture, then place the onion pieces into freezer-safe bags.  Be sure to remove as much air as possible!

Melted Onions: Image from The Chou Life

Melted Onions: Image from The Chou Life

One of our family’s favorite summer side dishes are these Melted Onions.  Even if you are using a pungent type of onion, this method of slow cooking on the grill brings out the onion’s sweetness.

This French Onion Soup looks delicious, especially with fall just around the corner.

What’s your favorite way to use yellow onions?


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