Reader Request: Family Doctor with Holistic Approach

Heather writes:

We need a doctor out here. I like a general care practitioner for the whole family with a reasonably holistic approach. Which means, I want someone who’s not going to shove 9 shots at once at my child…and who won’t care if I want to wait a day or two before starting a course of antibiotics.

I found one I thought I liked, but she wanted us to join this VIP plan that cost $1500 a year before she’d treat the kids. Yeah, no.   I’m hoping someone out here can recommend a great doctor like that.

Can you recommend a family practice doctor that meets these requirements for Heather?  Click here to comment!

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  1. Dr. Bodrero is pretty amazing. He’s at

    • I had to reply to this post! I feel I Must let you know I saw Dr Bodrero for at least 8 months when I first moved here in 2009. Not only did I always have to wait for an hour or more each time I went in, I found him to be flustered and unprepared every time we met. He never offered me any real type of holistic approaches to my medical issues, but ordered lots of tests and the would ask me why I came back after the test results were in! (UH, you ordered the tests, didn’t you look at my chart before coming in the room at least??) He does work with his wife who does some kind of multi-level marketing essential oil therapy. Again, he never offered or mentioned this therapy to me, but wanted me to let him “place his hands over my body to let him bring healing to the problem areas” That was my last appointment at Powers medical. Please be sure to interview the Dr. before making any commitment to his care!!

  2. I used to see Dr. Mary Harrow for years at
    She was the first Dr. to ever recommend things like fish oil and pro-biotics to me a decade ago and she has a great casual beside manner.
    My insurance changed and I started taking the family to Memorial Sunflower Family Medical
    Look for a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy) instead of an M.D. I find that DOs usually have a more balanced approach to medicine that is more interested in treating the whole person instead of symptoms and can be much more holistic.

    • Thanks for this response. When I left home, our doctor said the same thing, look for a D.O, like him. I didn’t think to ask why, but now I know. I will check the two practices you mentioned against my insurance carrier and give them a call.

    • I have a friend who sees Dr. Mary Harrow. She recommended her to me a couple of years ago, but I haven’t seen her. She isn’t covered by our insurance. My friends insurance company changed after she started seeing Dr. Harrow, but she stayed with her even though she was out-of-network due to the change in insurance companies. She said Dr. Harrow does give a 20% discount if she’s not on your plan to try to help out. This was information from 2011, so not sure if she still does that.

  3. Memorial Sunflower Family Medicine, , is the practice I use. When I developed thrush in my mouth while pregnant Dr. Brown knew all the ways to treat it without prescription type meds. I’ve also been treated by Dr. Bamberger. Both are doctor’s of osteopathic medicine which is by definition a more holistic approach. Since it’s a family medicine practice they treat all ages. Hope this helps :)

  4. Have you thought about looking for a Family Nurse Practitioner? They are usually holistic.

    • do you have one that you recommend? I’m open to anyone that’s willing to listen to my questions and either provide reasonable responses or admit they don’t know and go find out, plus will slow vax on my schedule.

  5. I met Jessica through my chiropractor… she and her husband are now located in the same office as my chiro. (Align for Life)… I haven’t actually seen her for a real apt but have many friends who go to her and she’s been able to solve all kinds of different issues. Not sure how your insurance works (Tricare won’t pay) and if this is what you’re looking for but I’ve heard fantastic things and she’s super nice, friendly and caring.

  6. Dr Alex Constantinides better known as Dr. Alex is a D.O. and is a great doctor. He was voted best and most compassionate in 2012. He is with Front Range Medical Arts.

  7. We go to The Family Practice with Dr. Vogt. He’s a general practitioner and they have a pediatrician on staff. They are very laid back and respect/expect you to exercise your right as parents to make medical decisions for your family. The number is 266-5244.

  8. I would also recommend Dr. Vogt. at the Family Practice. He is one of only two family practice Dr.’s in town that will also deliver your baby. We go to the Family Practice for everything!

  9. Someone mentioned Sunflower Med and Dr’s Bamberger and Brown….have seen dozens of docs from MD’s, DO’s, specialists…and these docs treat patients superbly. Second recommendation would be a Naturopath…mine not in practice anymore though. They can work with standard docs too(order tests, suggest alternative therapies).

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