South Park City (1880s Mining Town)


Yesterday we took a one-day vacation from work and work on home renovations, which is basically what both my and Jeremy‘s lives have consisted of for the past six months.  We headed into the mountains to enjoy the fall color and also stopped at South Park City in Fairplay.  Side note: I love living in a place where you can drive just an hour and feel like you are on vacation, miles away from home!

South Park City is a recreated 1880s mining town (a few buildings are original).  I’d heard about it from Abby (who happens to write the What to Make/How to Prepare What’s on Sale posts here on Fridays), who said it was a lot of fun and very hands-on, so it sounded like a great place to take the kids.













We really enjoyed it – there were lots of buildings to see and a ton of historical artifacts and oddities (like the human hair jewelry!).  You can explore at your own pace and while there are things behind glass or ropes, it’s pretty interactive and there’s not museum attendants glaring at little kids. :)

South Park City is only open through October 15th so there’s not much time left to go this year, but the fall colors are very beautiful right now!  (Trees in higher elevations have lost many of their leaves, but the drive up from Colorado Springs was lovely.)

You can find out more about South Park City here, and there’s a discount coupon on their website, too.



  1. So glad you all enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to going back sometime (probably not until next summer, though, brrr!) I think having the kids a little older will make it that much more fun.

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