Tour Dion’s Pizza

A reader recently left a comment with her blog and I checked it out and was thrilled to discover that she writes about tours you can do in Colorado Springs!  When I read that Dion’s Pizza does tours for groups, I coordinated with a couple of other homeschooling families and signed us up for a tour.  My kids were excited about going behind the scenes at a restaurant, since I have regaled them with tales of my days of working as a server.  (Loved that job!)


Unlike some places that aren’t used to giving tours (you probably know what I mean if you’ve done many field trips!), Dion’s has an official tour program and has a great system in place for tours, including a workbook for the kids.


We got to go into the restaurant before the opened and saw the big walk-in refrigerators, the gigantic mixers that make the pizza dough, the lemon juicer, and the big pizza ovens.


The kids got to help make a pizza, and they put it in the oven and we enjoyed eating it a few minutes later.

The tour was $4 per person and while we didn’t do it for the bargain, it was really a great deal considering the fact that we got the tour, lots of pizza, a free t-shirt, and a workbook/coloring book!  You can find out more about scheduling tours here.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing this idea. Our family LOVES factory tours (ok, just about any tour) and seeing how things are made is such fun. We will have to get a group together for a Dion’s tour soon. Anything that ends with eating pizza will be a hit with our littles.

    • I love factory tours, too! I did a tour of the Mission Foods factory in Pueblo a few years ago with Springs Bargains readers and I loved it. My kids were sick, so they couldn’t go, but I’m hoping to go again sometime! (It’s not great for littles, though.)

  2. Our favorite segment of Mr. Rogers was How Things Are Made. Many of those tours were places children could not actually go. Glad to know there are places in the Springs that kids can go.

    • That was my favorite part of Mr. Rogers, too! I watched the one about how crayons were made with the kids on YouTube. Still love it!

  3. Hey thanks! I love the Dion’s tour. My kids and their friends still talk about it.

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