Random Chatter: 11/12/13

We invite people to our home for meals at fairly regular intervals (so glad we are finally done with selling our house and renovating Phase One of our new house so we can do normal things like that again!) and I’ve recently realized that I almost always serve something Mexican or Italian when we have guests.  The only thing that we could come up with is that we do serve burgers from time to time.  As we were discussing it, I recalled serving Asian food a couple of times, but that was years ago and Jeremy said that didn’t count, haha.  I wonder if it’s because Mexican and Italian food are pretty safe?  Or maybe they are just easy to serve.  Do you tend to serve these cuisines for guests, too?

I’ve mentioned before that I have problems with wearing holes in the heels of socks very quickly, and that I’m hesitant to spend much on socks because even the nicer ones I’ve bought tend to wear through just as quickly.  But, I saw a good deal on some Keen socks on Zulily and got myself a few pairs.

keen socks

These are not your ordinary socks, folks – they have a right and a left (admittedly, could be a pain with the laundry but with doing one load a day, it’s not a big deal), they are a very specific size (size small is women’s shoe size 4-6.5, which is smaller than what I wear but my feet are very narrow), and they have some padding on the bottom, too.

Since our new house has almost all wood or tile floors, I’ve been wearing shoes a lot more (feels better on feet and I kind of like wearing shoes when I know I can just wipe up any dirt I bring in, instead of having it sink into the carpet) so I don’t know if I’ll be able to say if these socks hold up better than others I’ve tried.  But for what it’s worth, I do really like them and think there is actually something to warrant paying more!  (You can get them for around $10 on 6PM.)

Today for school, we had an apple tasting and my kids picked Golden Delicious as their favorite and begged me to buy them all the time.  Some day, they are going to grow up and regret telling me that they preferred the mushy, tasteless Golden Delicious over the crisp, sweet Honeycrisp but I guess I’ll buy them the cheaper apples if that’s what they want!

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  1. We’ve never given our kids an apple choice, but my husband’s favorites are jonagolds, so that’s all we buy. If I gave my kids the choice, they would probably pick the pre-cut apples from Costco. :( Too many added chemicals for my taste. So they don’t get a choice. :)

    • LOL. I hate it when my kids choose the totally unhealthy, prepackaged options like that when I spend so much time cooking delicious food from scratch for them. :) I think they like the novelty!

      • I agree. At least they’re apples, though. I have trouble with paying such a premium for someone else to cut my apples for me. And it doesn’t even save that much time, I’d say about a minute or so.

        • Yeah, and boy does it come at a premium! One of the guidelines that my grocery deals assistant follows is that she is not supposed to list any pre-cut fruit (Albertsons likes to advertise it). It’s just so expensive to buy it that way that it’s never a good deal. (Not saying I’ll never buy something pre-cut, but as the DEALS go… :)

  2. Glad to hear you like those socks. I got a pair from zulily, too, but gave them to my husband to wrap up for me for Christmas. I’m a little hard to buy gifts for because I want specific things, but only at the lowest possible price. Sometimes the frugal monster takes over and takes some of the fun out of the process.

    We are loving honeycrisp apples right now. We’re through most of the 80 lbs I got a month ago and looking forward to another 40 lb box when we go to Bountiful Baskets this weekend. The 40 lb. box was $32 so I couldn’t resist getting more.

    • LOL at buying your own stocking stuffers! I think a lot of moms do that – my mother-in-law does sometimes, I think. ;) I really do like the socks – I’ve been wearing them for four days and I think they could be the perfect socks IF they last. They don’t stretch out, they are very warm but not at all thick. They are tight around my calf but not too tight, and I wore a pair for a day and a half and they still fit just as well at the end as they did when I put them on!

      Wow, you really ARE loving Honeycrisp apples! What a deal! :)

  3. That’s funny about the apples Carrie. My boys always want Red Delicious or Golden Delicious and I think, “bleck… but then they are always cheaper, so I’ll give them what they want.”

  4. I buy soup bones at Ranch Food Direct. They have wonderful ox tails and beef soup bones in the freezer section.I have recently bought some chicken backs for soup stock , too, but have not cooked them up yet.

    • I need to out the ox tails and soup bones! I like to use beef broth but just don’t use enough bone-in beef to get enough bones to make a stock. I didn’t realize they sold chicken backs, either – they do make a really good stock!

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