Random Chatter: 11/13/13

I’m getting a full night’s sleep about 2/7ths of the time these days – and I will take it after eight years of being woken almost every night by one child or another (or the call of the bathroom due to pregnancy).  The baby sleeps through the night most of the time now, but it seems that with five children, there is always someone who has a bad dream or an achy leg that needs rubbing.

Last night, one of the girls came to our room complaining that her legs hurt, so I had her climb in and I rubbed them in my bed and then sent her back.  I am so going to get them to start doing that all the time now – I don’t know why it hasn’t occurred to me until now.  If you want me to rub your legs, you can be the one to get out of a warm bed and come to me. :)

I’m on the verge of sharing some really shocking news about a decision we’ve recently made (or mostly made, which is why I haven’t shared it yet ;), but suffice it to say that right now I am without my own computer and printer, so I’ve been doing my work on Jeremy‘s computer.  That’s the reason I decided to do something I haven’t done in ten+ years: I wrote a letter by hand!

My grandpa and I have exchanged a few letters over the past few months, and I needed to write him but hadn’t had a good chance to type one, what with sharing a computer and all.  So I decided to write one by hand, and I did, for a whole page and a half!  I was so proud of it that I took a picture:


And then while I was instagramming my picture (because who wants to go to all that work without showing it off?), a small child (who is lucky she is cute) did this:


Thankfully only the lines on the paper ran, and the ink was fine. I think he will still be able to read it, and maybe he’ll get a chuckle out of it!

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  1. Next phase in your quest for sleep: train the kids to rub each other’s legs. Ha!

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