Safeway Weekly: Luvs for $4 + Great Deals on Blue Bell, 7Up

Here’s your Safeway deals for this week!  Moms will be happy to see that you can get Luvs for $4 on Friday – and the Mom to Mom brand diapers are $5 on Friday, too.  (I really like their Mom to Mom diapers, though it seems that I can’t ever get to Safeway on Friday to get the sale, especially now that they aren’t allowing you to load their $5 Friday sales to your card to use them on the weekend.)

They also have great deals on Blue Bell ice cream, 7 Up, pork loin rib, and more.

These deals are valid November 6-12, 2013.


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  1. The pork loin rib half sliced-bone in looks like a good price to get at Safeway for 1.49/lb. I’m always wanting to try something new but I have no idea how I would prepare and cook this? Does anyone have any tips or an easy recipe to try? Thanks!!

    • I brine it for an hour – a quart of water + 1/2 cup salt and 1/2 cup sugar – and then season and grill it. I’ve cooked these in the oven before, but they were pretty tough. They’re awesome after brining, though.

  2. Per the Safeway website Pampers 3x wipes are also included in the $5 Friday sale and there is a coupon for $.50 off at making these $4 each.

  3. Becky Monnig says:

    I just stopped by the brand new Walmart market at Austin Bluffs & Accademy and their Blue Bell was $3.88 ea. I’m sure the price is only good through Sat??
    It wasn’t as busy as I expected.
    Also, side note, there will a new Dickey’s BBQ open two doors down from Walmart in January. Glad to see one on this end of town.

    • Man, I looked for info on any deals at their grand opening and couldn’t find any info. Thanks for the tip on the Blue Bell!

      It will be good to see that shopping center come back to life – I’m not a huge Walmart shopper myself, but it’s always sad to me to see abandoned shopping center, and I think it’s cool when companies take over old ones instead of building new ones!

  4. Can you add the save $3 when you buy 3 or more on Tide, Downy and Bounce products be added to the Tide Pods and Downy deal above? This is a Safeway coupon, not a manufacturer coupon right? The manufacturer coupons can be combined with this one?

    • Yes, I believe it can! I didn’t see that until after I’d already mentally “checked out” for the day, so thanks for bringing it up!

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