Costco: Join And Get A Free Chicken, Batteries, Water, and More

Zulily has what looks like a pretty good deal if you’ve been considering a membership to Costco!  Right now, you can join Costco  through Zulily and get $50 in coupon savings, including a free rotisserie chicken, a free pack of batteries, a free 35-pack of Kirkland bottled water, and “more”!  The membership is $55, which is the normal price but I don’t think they do the bonus coupons very often (correct me if I’m wrong).

Go here to read more about this Costco membership deal.



  1. Does Costco ever do an open house day for non-members to come in and shop like Sam’s just did this past weekend?

    • They don’t – about the only way you can get in without buying a membership is having a member buy you a gift card, and that counts as your membership card but you have to use it to pay (so you have to purchase less than you have on the card). I think a member has to refill it for you, too.

  2. Bummed that the fine print doesn’t allow this as a renewing for current members!

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