Last Day To Purchase Gift Cards for 4x Fuel Points at King Soopers

Just a heads up that today is the last day to get quadruple fuel points on gift cards at King Soopers!  The promo ends on Tuesday, December 10th.

If you are looking for restaurant gift cards especially, many of them offer bonus coupons or vouchers when you buy one directly from them.  Here’s a growing list of gift card bonus deals for 2013!



  1. Carrie – Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this reminder! I had been planning for weeks to buy gift cards BEFORE 12/10 and kept putting it off. That day I completely forgot about it until I saw your reminder. What a blessing to receive $.60 cents off a gallon! I love your site and have followed you for years. Thanks again!

    • I’m so glad I posted it – I almost didn’t, thinking that a lot of people wouldn’t see it until it was too late anyway (should have done a reminder to do it sooner!), but I’m glad I did and that you were able to benefit! Merry Christmas. :)

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