Random Chatter: 12/3/13

Well, we got our Christmas tree last week but we didn’t end up going to Harding Nursery like we planned.  There is or was a spruce tree on our property that Jeremy was dying to cut down (needed to be thinned for mitigation and tree health) but I begged him to wait until Christmas so that I could at least use the greenery since it’s only one of two spruce trees we have on the property.  He cut it down on Wednesday and we decided that the top eight feet of it weren’t too bad so we got a free tree. :)  I wouldn’t pay for it but since it was free and it’s from our own property, we’re going with it.

christmas tree 2013

Whimsical is the nice word to describe it. :)

We watched an animated Christmas special on TV on Saturday, thinking that surely an animated Christmas special rated “G” would be family-friendly.  Well, scratch that idea.  There was nothing that made us turn it off since it went over the kids’ heads, but seriously, can we not make a family Christmas mini-movie without innuendo galore and perhaps with some strong family values?  I won’t go into the details but I’ll just say that I don’t think it’s OK for reindeer to have so many one-night stands that they can’t figure out which one of them might be the dad to a kid.  And that was just the beginning…  Naturally, it went over our kids’ heads but we do not like the idea that they are portraying it as normative.  Sigh.  Guess we will stick to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

This time of year is the time that I post so many deals that I pretty much want to add You do not need this!  It is JUST STUFF! to the end of every post.  I can’t really do that, I suppose, since I know that many people really need to find deals and not everyone is overloaded with stuff.  But I feel better telling you that now, at least! :)

Now that we don’t have internet at home, I’ve been doing most of my work at a local coffee shop.  I’ve come to love it, but I have to admit that a large flavored latte several times a week is going straight to my midsection – ugh.  I’m trying to wean off the syrups, but they just came out with their Christmas drink menu and now I have nine new drinks to try:


You guys, if you are still sticking to Starbucks’ unimaginative holiday drink menu of the four same drinks they do every year, you need to get yourself up to R&R in Black Forest and get some real flavor. :)  The Cranberry Mint Mocha and Cranberry Mocha are delicious – and the others probably are too but I haven’t had a chance to try them yet.  (One a day, Carrie, one a day.)



  1. What was the inappropriate movie?

    • I don’t even remember what it was called. The Flight Before Christmas, maybe? Like I said, nothing overt to a kid but I hate the things they normalized. Probably a whole topic on its own, though, and not one I could do justice to here. :)

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