Sprouts Weekly: $0.69/lb Oats, $0.34 Avocados + More

I don’t think Sprouts needs much more of a lead-in.  Oats for $0.69/lb should make you happy unless you did what I did and just bought oats at Sam’s because you’d run out and couldn’t wait until the next Sprouts sale. Agh!  I’ll still be stocking up on steel-cut, though!

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These deals are valid December 4-11, 2013.


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  1. A sad, strange little person? wow. I just sent a message to you via the contact form….are you OK?

  2. Is it possible that this is the wrong weeks’s list? It seems it might be a little off. I’m very excited to go buy more oats, thanks for your constant help to save money!

  3. I cleaned out three Sprouts of gluten-free steel cut oats when Bob’s Red Mill were on sale. Cannot buy in the barrels because of possible contamination. But wish I could get that price. :-)

  4. Quaker Old Fashioned are/were $6.99 at Costco. I’m glad I got a 50 lbs. bag from Sprouts when they were $.49 (had to get a raincheck and go back). Unfortunately, we are getting tired of oatmeal breakfasts.

    I sure wish Sprouts had another location, on the east side of town.

    • oops, $6.99 for 10 pounds.

    • I so need to get a 50 lb bag of the steel-cut oats! Do you have to let them know ahead of time? I’m not sure where I’m going to store it, though – gonna have to think that one through. :/

      I hope Sprouts puts in another location, too! At one point, I’d heard a rumor that they were looking at the shopping center where the Walmart Neighborhood Market is now on Austin Bluffs, but nothing ever came of that. East side is my vote, too. :)

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