Weekly Grocery Deals: Share Your Week-After-Christmas Finds

Forty-nine weeks of the year, we give you extensive lists of what’s on sale at four area grocery stores (that’s 196 per year!), but the weeks between Christmas and New Year’s are ones that I take off, my team has time off, and the grocery deals usually take time off, too, so there won’t be any printable shopping lists or coupon matchups or ratings this week.

Still, there just might be some good deals at the stores, so please leave a comment here if you see any great deals!



  1. Sprouts has good deals on avocados (48 cents each) and blackberries ( 98 cents).

  2. Albertsons has boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.69 lb.

  3. Albertsons has eggs for .79, but with a limit of one. Walmart should price-match without a limit. That’s the best price I’ve seen on eggs in a long time!

  4. Any deals on milk this week?

  5. The Albertson at Dublin and Austin Bluff gave me back the coupon for eggs. I got three dozen by going through the line three times.

  6. At the Wal-Mart on Powers & Palmer Park, they had bags of Ocean Spray Cranberries for $1.25 each. Looked like there was still quite a few yesterday.

  7. Ocean Spray cranberries were $1.00 per bag at the King Soopers at Union and Briargate today! They had a lot in stock. They also had some fresh herb packages (sage, marjoram, and a poultry mix) for $0.25.

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