Great Deal on Paint Rollers at Dollar Tree

We’ve taken advantage of some of the nice weather to get started painting the outside of our house, so we finally had a chance to test the paint roller that I bought at Dollar Tree a few months ago!  I wasn’t sure how well they’d work, so I just bought one to test it out.

paint rollers at Dollar Tree

The verdict was that it was pretty good!  It’s hard to compare it to a different roller, since we didn’t compare them side by side, but Jeremy thought it was at least okay and it’s great if you just need a roller for a brief time and then want to throw it away.  We’ve found that it’s nice to throw the roller away when you’re done with it, rather than using a ton of time and water to rinse it out.  (If you are going to be working on the same painting project the next day, you can not clean the roller and wrap in a plastic grocery bag and refrigerate it until you’re ready to use it again.  This works great, except that if you do it too much and for too long, your refrigerator smells like paint.)

I went back and got more – we’ll be using a lot of these as we paint our house!



  1. I was surprised to find actual Webkinz at the Dollar Tree. I bought them each one yesterday and they have been having a great time on the Webkinz website.

  2. We got a Webkinz at the store in Falcon too – they also have garden seeds out – 4 packets for $1 – some flowers, some vegetables.

  3. The DT at Union and Constitution has a small amount of frogs, white goslings and a b&w bird.

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