King Soopers Personalized Prices for January Just Released – Great Deal on Cheese

Lexee emailed with this tip:

Just a note to say that I got an email from King Soopers with “personal prices.” It’s definitely worth checking because one of mine was a coupon for Kroger brand cheese (bar or shredded) – 32 oz for $4.49! that is the best price on cheese I’ve seen in a LONG time – I am so excited!

I got my personal prices via email yesterday, and got the same deal on cheese, and I’m matching Lexee’s excitement!  I also had some good prices on Hillshire Farm sausage and eggs.  To see what your personal prices are and to load them to your card (Important!  They will not work unless you load them!), go here and click on Personal Prices on the left.



  1. I cannot find the “personal prices” button. Help?

    • Right there behind you. When I searched for “personal prices” I got a lot of references to baby stuff.

  2. I don’t have a “Personal Prices” on my page. I looked all over after I couldn’t find it on the left and I just don’t see it anywhere. :( I don’t know if you have to spend a certain amount to have that or something? I usually spend at least enough a month to get some gas rewards. I want some good personal prices….

    • I don’t have a personal price link either. I do have “my best customer exclusives”, but those haven’t been updated lately.

    • It’s possible that it’s not a feature they’ve activated for everyone – maybe kind of like the coupons they send in the mail? I’m sorry some of you aren’t getting them!

  3. I am happy to get eggs for 1.09 a dozen with my personal price!

  4. I don’t have personal prices either. Bummer!

  5. i got an email from king soopers with the subject “Click and save with your Personal Prices from King Soopers/City Market!”. that’s how i found mine… not sure if shows up on their website?

    i hope you ladies got them!

  6. A couple months ago I didn’t activate my personal prices (from the mailer) and since then I have not received any more new personal prices via mail (or email for that matter). My receipts keep saying that I have personal prices available, but when I called KS customer service I was told that somehow my account does not have personal prices available. They told me they would investigate further and get back to me. I too can’t view them online, so to those who have that problem-maybe a phone call might be worth it!

  7. i went to the website to look… i did see Personal Prices on the left but only after I was logged in.

  8. I have had personal prices in the past from king soopers but only for their brand. I’m not lucky enough this time. :-(

  9. My friend told me today that in order to get personal prices, she was told she had to get rid of her old King Soopers card and sign up for a new one; for some reason they are unable to enter the numbers from the old style of card and I have had this card for probably close to 15 years. Has anyone else heard this?

  10. Sarah Norris says:

    I don’t have a a link to them either. I just checked my Account Settings/Email Preferences, and I had opted not to receive emails from them. I changed it to “Receive Specials and Promotions.” We’ll see if this helps!

  11. I contacted King Soopers because I’m not getting personalized prices now either. They responded,”At this time it is just a test program and not all customers have been invited to participate.”

  12. Irene May says:

    I have been trying to sign up for personal prices on line, without success. Your site couldn’t even locate my preferred store and I had to search for the Grand Junction City Market on Rood. Could not find a way to select it and got bounced from the site. I won’t be able to print out coupons anyway and this is fast becoming more trouble than it is worth. Six out of the eight products on my current flyer are items that I don’t purchase unless my preferred brands are not available, which is pretty common at the store where I shop. Sprouts is becoming a more reliable source of my favorite products and they don’t waste my time.

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