Random Chatter: 1/6/13

Our whole family went sledding on our hill yesterday, and I have to tell you that I love that our kids are getting big enough that we can do stuff like that together now.  (OK, so the almost-two year old probably wouldn’t declare it her favorite activity but at least she didn’t cry the whole time.)  Sledding is actually quite fun even for the ol’ mom!  However, my kids are always getting snow up their arms and I want to find a shirt that has fingerless mittens or something on the end of the sleeves, because we can’t ever keep their regular mittens tucked into their coat sleeves.  Or do they make some sort of glove/mitten liners that go up to your elbow (for kids)?  I looked online a bit, but couldn’t find anything, so maybe I am looking for something that doesn’t exist.  Please comment if you know of anything like that!

Speaking of fingerless mittens, I got this pair at Target on clearance last week:

fingerless mittens from Target

I love them!  I’m so much more likely to wear them than gloves since I can still use my fingers.  And they are nice and long so they go past my wrist quite a bit – when I wear regular gloves my wrists end up getting cold, so I’d rather wear these and have cold fingertips but still be able to use them.  I’m now definitely a fan of the fingerless mitten.

smitten kitchen cookbook

In December, I decided I wanted to cook all the way through a cookbook, so I picked one out, received it for Christmas, and started cooking from it on New Year’s Eve.  The book is The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman and I’m really enjoying it so far.  I have no goal as far as timeframe so it could take me four months or all year.  (I suppose my goal is to have it done by the end of 2014, but I don’t anticipate it taking me all year.)

So far, I’ve had a few hits and a few that were “eh” but that I’ll do again with some adaptions.  The only thing I’ve been disappointed in so far is that I don’t think the book’s directions are very well edited; there are a lot of what I would consider incomplete instructions (for instance, I don’t think it’s good to say to cook something for a certain amount of time without telling the reader what should happen to the food during that time.)  Oh, and telling people to mix bread dough in their stand mixer outfitted with a paddle instead of a dough hook is just a bad idea, as is evidenced by the number of people who have broken their Kitchen Aids with the recipe.  So, I’m not learning a lot technically from it and I can’t give the author’s instructions the benefit of the doubt anymore, but my main goal was to force myself to try new ingredients and get out of a rut and it’s doing that, so I’m happy.



  1. My mom used to cut up tube socks to put on our wrists/arms – it worked great! She just cut off the toe part, and I think cut a whole for our thumb, then we put our gloves or mittens on over that.

    • Great idea! I read this last night and then cut up a pair of socks for one child this morning – I put a small hole in the toe for her thumb and then a larger hole for the rest of her fingers, and it seemed to work great! Can’t beat free!

  2. Stonz mittz – it’s a Canadian company. They aren’t cheap but they keep the snow and cold out.

  3. The website: one step ahead .com sells all kinds of kid friendly snowgear including gloves that go to the elbow.

  4. I love your mittens! A year or so ago, I bought several similar pairs from Walmart. What I like about the ones I have, is that they can be fingerless, but also have a cover (attached all the time) that you can slip over your fingers as well, like a glove, to keep your fingers warm. We keep our house cold and I have poor circulation. So, I got them mostly so I could be on the computer, while keeping my hands warmer. Oh, I guess they are called “Pop up Gloves.” http://www.walmart.com/ip/Pop-Up-Glove/21677932 They are not as long as yours in the wrist area, and the thumbs are always completely covered.

    • Those sound awesome – I have to admit that my fingertips were cold yesterday when I was leaving the house early in the morning. The steering wheel was COLD!

  5. L-bow gloves are awesome! They go up to the elbow & can be worn over or under a winter coat to keep the snow form getting little wrists cold.

  6. A very dear friend of mine loves to crochet, and so I paid her to make 4 pairs of gloves without the fingertips.
    What I loved is being able to pick the colors/design. One daughter loves pink, one loves red/black, another isn’t picky (YAY!) and my oldest is a Doctor Who geek-extraordinaire! Hers were made with a TARDIS on the top of one and Alons-y on the other.
    One-of-a-kind, for sure – and they all loved them!
    I’d love to send a picture, but I can’t attach one. ;-)

  7. I love my fingerless gloves. I have a pair as mentioned by Sharon that have a cover I flip over my fingers so they don’t get cold. Also, I take a pair of the cheap stretch to fit gloves (2 pack for $1.50 at WalMart) and put under my fingerless gloves. They are thin enough so it doesn’t make your gloves feel bulky. You might want to try this when driving so your fingers aren’t cold.

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