Safeway Weekly: 7Up 2 Liter for $0.75 + More Deals

I’m sorry for the delay in getting Safeway’s deals up this week – but they really don’t have a whole lot on sale so hopefully you didn’t miss out on much. :/

These deals are valid January 15-21, 2014.


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  1. There is a 75 cent coupon for 7-Up 10 that makes the 7-Up free. (1/12/14 SS)

  2. P.S. You have to load the Safeway coupon that is online under the 4U coupons that makes the cost 75 cents, then use the coupon.

  3. fyi- i’m pretty sure you cannot use a manufacturer coupon with the J4U coupon. If it is a J4U price, you can add a coupon but not if it is a J4U cents off coupon.

  4. You can use J4U coupons with a manufacturer’s coupon. The only coupons that are loaded to your Safeway card that you can’t use with a manufacturer’s coupon are the “Save xxx” coupons because they are also manufacturer’s coupons. The J4Us and “xxx off” work with manufacturer’s coupons just fine.

  5. good to know, but I have had problems in the past. maybe they have worked out the kinks

  6. If you need chips for football games or whatever, check your personalized offers. I had a Just-4-U that offered me fritos and Cheetos for 2.14 a bag. They are also buy one get one free, and sure enough, we ended up getting them for 1.07 per bag. Hope this helps!

  7. Yevgeniya says:

    Do y’all know if we can get regular 7 up with the coupon

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