Sprouts Weekly: Chicken Breasts for $1.69/lb + More Deals

Here are your Sprouts deals that start on Wednesday! They have good deals on chicken breasts, dried garbanzo beans, and more.

These deals are valid January 15-22, 2014. [rss-cut]

Double Ad Wednesday Deals

Visit last week’s Sprouts post to see the deals that overlap on Wednesday!

This Week’s Deals


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  1. Is Sprouts chicken hormone free, grass fed and all that good stuff? Thanks!

    • No – it’s “all-natural” but that means basically nothing. :) Hormones are illegal in poultry so that’s not an issue but neither is it for any other brand.

  2. Anyone want free file dividers with the months of the year? I was using them in a filing cabinet to organize coupons. They’re plastic sheets with a tab on the top labeled with a month. Post your e-mail address if you’re interested and I’ll contact you. I live in 80918.

  3. My friend asked someone working in the meat section about Sprout’s brand of meat and they had no idea where it was from, if it was hormone free or grass fed.

  4. Hmm well that’s concerning that the butcher doesn’t know a simple common question as that. Do you know if they are antibiotic free?

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