Sprouts Weekly: Good Deals on Lamb Shoulder Chops, Apples + Gluten Free Items 40% Off

I’m happy to see apples and lamb chops on sale at Albertsons this week, because I think there are a couple of recipes in the cookbook I’m cooking through this year that need those items and I’ve been wondering when exactly I was going to get a good deal on lamb chops!

They also have select gluten-free products 40% off – I think this is going to be a great deal on some things, but not all – my guess is some of the brands that are more mainstream will be better deals when you look for them to go on sale at other stores.

These deals are valid January 22-29, 2014.

Double Ad Wednesday Deals

Visit last week’s Sprouts post to see the deals that overlap on Wednesday!

This Week’s Deals


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  1. Stephanie says:

    BtW we weighed an average looking pineapple at KS yesterday and it was about 3lbs. So the KS price is better this week.

    Honestly though I think the best non sale price pineapple is at costco. They are $3.50 each but almost triple in size of the little guys at sprouts or KS normally :)

    • Sam’s pineapples are always really good, too – probably still cheaper at King Soopers or Sprouts when they are $1.00 each, but not by too much. I think that sometimes the ones at Sprouts aren’t that great; I seem to get more consistent flavor with the Del Monte Golds that King Soopers and Sam’s sell. (Probably Costco, too.)

  2. Yep, I weighed a pineapple at sprouts last night and it was 3lbs. So, for around a $1.50 not a bad deal, but king soopers has them beat this week. :)

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