480-Count Ziploc Bags for Under $2.00 at Sam’s Club!

Here’s an awesome Sam’s Club tip that just came in from Alison:

I was just at Sam’s Club (on S. Academy) today and they had 480-ct Ziploc Snack Bags for only $1.71. One of the cashiers said that maybe they were discontinuing them and hence the cheap price, but at any rate, it’s a great price and there were still plenty there (the normal pallet full, from what I could tell). Just wanted to pass it along!

Thanks, Alison!



  1. I tried Click and Pull this morning and it says they are out of stock now.

  2. Yeah, I went to try to pick up a box – none left and there are click and pull carts full of boxes of them up front.

  3. I did click and pull for some (two boxes – one for us, one for church), so hopefully I’ll get them. If not, oh, well.

  4. I was tempted to do Click n Pull, too, but I’ve been having issues with Ziploc bags lately – the freezer ones have been coming apart when I open them straight out of the freezer. Wouldn’t be a big deal at the price Alison found, but I’ve been tempted to email Ziploc and complain because I’ve never had that happen before. My hope is that the hot price means they are getting some better ones. :)

  5. I recently bought some gallon ziplock bags at SAMs club. i thought that they pulled apart too easy and several of them broke! I wonder if that’s why they are a good price at SAMs??? :(

    • Same experience here! I’m glad it wasn’t just me! I swear, I wasn’t abusing the bags. :) I’m not brand-loyal and have used lots of name brand and off brands, but the recent Ziplocs I’ve used have been very poor quality as far as the seal.

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