Safeway Weekly: $0.49 Cereal, Fruit Snacks + Hot Price on OxiClean, Hefty Trash Bags

Lots of great deals at Safeway this week, from breakfast foods, snacks, laundry products, toilet paper, and more!

These deals are valid February 19-25, 2014.


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This weekly ad review is part of BeCentsAble’s Grocery Gathering.



  1. I just checked my local ad in Longmont and the 80% beef is not on sale for $2.49. the 73% is 1.99 in Longmont and Boulder has the 93% for $2.99. So strange all the different prices for beef.

  2. Did anyone else have trouble printing the coupons?

  3. I am never leaving any feedback on the safeway survey again…I filled one out the other day now I have had 4 voicemails from store manager..super creepy.ONE message would have been fine..starting to feel threatened and harassed. BEWARE.

  4. Just wondering, is it confirmed that you can mix & match the cereal? Do I have to buy 4 cinnamon toast crunch and 4 cheerios? When I looked at their ad online they make it sound like that is the case..

  5. Carrie, you told me once how to load the Friday deals on my Safeway card so they are valid all weekend. I can’t remember how :(. Can you tell me again? Thanks so much!

    • You know, they actually stopped doing that several months ago, so I’m afraid no amount of explaining will render it possible! :/

    • we should complain..safeway has a huge management problem ,pretty much no matter what state/county I shop. I feel that them asking for the surveys to be done, is how they save money on labor…and management. ……….and by the way.. i paid 24 each cents for 8 boxes of cereal…I handed the gal a stack of coupons and they all went thru-or she made them anyway. who is gunna eat this cinnamon cereal.?

  6. I bought fruit snacks, granola bars and cereal. I mixed all of them and it worked.

  7. Anthony, How on earth did you get 8 boxes at .24¢ea?? Best I can figure out is .49 on the cinnamon toast crunch & .99 on cheerios

    • Emily,i had a catalina.. my just 4 u, a couple website coupons, and an untrained cashier. it kicked out another catalina I plan to exploit them on again before sale is over. We hammered them for 90 cents on gas yesterday too….the soup thing was a win for us not them.. my pantry is healthy request ..earthquake full….and my gas tank is full.

      • emily, when 5 dollar fridays were..weekend deals…I would 3x crush them…I love giving food to the system..they are the ones who make the system…..

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