Did You Know You Can Rescue Melted Ice Cream?!

Recently I had the dreadful experience of discovering that I’d placed the Private Selection Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Ice Cream in the refrigerator instead of the freezer.  I realized it over 24 hours later, so of course it was completely melted.


Because there was a good portion less and it is delicious and it’s also actually ice cream, I was curious if I could churn it in my own ice cream freezer to get the original texture back.  And it worked!  The caramel swirls were integrated into the ice cream, of course, but the texture after re-churning was great.

I know not everyone has their ice cream freezer at the ready at all times, but I happened to and it was well worth the effort to re-churn the ice cream.  Hey, ice cream is serious business to my family – with everyone transitioning to frozen dairy desserts there are only a few brands that we like anymore! :)



  1. Stephanie Rosenhahn says:

    Sea Salt Caramel Truffle is ALWAYS worth rescuing! Hands down the BEST ice cream out there :)

    • I’m inclined to agree that it’s the best! We really like the Private Selection flavors – a lot of the other brands’ flavors are getting a little old. Except for Blue Bell, but I can’t ever seem to get to the store when it’s actually on sale.

  2. I like melting the ice cream down and pouring into a graham cracker crust, refreezing and making ice cream pie.

    • Ah, that would work, too! Does it get icy? That’s my issue with thawed-and-frozen ice cream; it’s icy and feels too much like an ice cream snow cone. :)

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