Quick Tip: The Easiest Way to Scrub Potatoes

I hate scrubbing potatoes.  I haven’t met a potato and scrubber combination that actually felt anything but awkward in my hands, until recently when somehow I realized that my favorite dish towels are the perfect thing for scrubbing potatoes!


I use the Bakers and Chefs Bar Mop Towels from Sam’s Club – they are about $0.50 each and I am convinced that these are the best dishtowels ever!  They are absorbent and have great texture that makes them great for scrubbing things, including potatoes!

To scrub potatoes, I usually just get the dish towel wet and wrap the towel around the potato and twist it a few times.  A bonus is that you can actually see the dirt come off on the towel!  I rinse the scrubbed-off dirt off the potatoes after I’ve scrubbed them all, just because it seems faster that way.

I will not be buying a scrub brush again!



  1. Thanks, will have to give this a try! My old dish wand had a removable brush and I currently use a clean one (just hold the refill brush in my hand, don’t use handle for some reason) to scrub potatoes. Your method sounds much better.

  2. facial exfoliating gloves work great too. You can pick them up at the dollar store.

  3. norwex makes a fruit and veggie scrub cloth and I agree, so much easier than a wand scrubber. one side is rough and perfect for carrots and potatoes and the polish side
    is great for soft skinned fruits like apples and plums. removes pesticide residue, too!

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