Quick Tip: Write in Your Cookbooks

While I didn’t end up loving the cookbook, I did learn something valuable from my attempt to cook through a book earlier this year: writing in your cookbooks is a lot of fun!   I made notes in the book I was cooking through, and then realized that I really ought to do the same in every book I cook in, and magazines, too!  So I’ve started making notes in my Cook’s Country magazine and the few other cookbooks I use – whether or not we liked it, if the recipe made enough to feed us or if it should have been doubled, substitutions I made, etc.

writing in cookbook

I haven’t been doing this very long, but I think it’s going to be very helpful to be able to see whether or not I’ve cooked a recipe and whether or not we liked it – not to mention fun to look back at my psuedo “cooking journal”!

Do you write in your cookbooks and magazines?



  1. Yes! I have done this for years. When I was a young bride I tried new recipes all of the time (as in, I never made the same thing twice), and I compiled an entire index of all of those recipes, including which book or magazine each was in and page number, a rating I gave each one, and any special cooking ingredients it required. That index has become a treasure over these 30 years. I can easily find my favorite recipes.

  2. I do too! I use a pencil to make notes easy to change & have found that if I get the page wet pencil doesn’t wash out like pen notes did :)

  3. I write in my cookbooks, too. My husband thought I was crazy first time he saw me doing it (23 years ago). I do not write on handwritten recipe cards from my ancestors (I attach little post it notes to those).

  4. Sarah H. says:

    I would love to write in my cookbooks, but I have a really hard time writing in books. Also, I’m always worried that I will change my mind, and if I scribbled out a note, it would be too ugly. I do like Lisa’s idea of using a pencil, though. Another thing I have done is put my notes on a post-it stuck to the page, but that involves walking all the way downstairs to get my post-its. :)

    • I TOTALLY get that – I’m not sure why I am so gung-ho about this because I hate it when I make a mistake in pen (or sharpie!). I’ve also handwritten a couple of letter to my grandpa lately, too. I’m not sure what’s become of me! :)

  5. I too have written on all of the recipes I make for many years. My husband and I like spice/flavor and I find that most recipes don’t have enough. I also cross out the ingredients I don’t use. I convert a lot of recipes to use in the crock pot and do I will add those notes.

  6. I do mark in mine about what ingredients I substitute. But if a recipe is one we like we use a rubber stamp and stamp it as approved. If we don’t like it I put a check mark so I don’t make it again.

    Keeping track of where these recipes were was a frustration for awhile until I found the Cookbook Organizer. It is divided into sections and u write the recipe, the cookbook it’s in and the page number. Love it!

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