Trader Joe’s Coming to Colorado Springs Next Year

Trader Joe’s fans, you got your wish: they are coming to the University Village Shopping Center in 2015!  You can read about it from the Gazette.  I know this news will really excite some of you, so while you are off doing a happy dance, I will admit that I think TJ’s is pretty overrated, except for their $2.50 bottles of wine which are great for cooking (but they won’t be selling that here anyway because of liquor laws in Colorado).  I think I just lost 99% of the Californians-turned-Coloradoans that read this site… :)



  1. I’ll still read. But you’re definitely wrong! Their prices are amazing and so is the quality. I doubt the produce will be up to par with their California stores but I’m hoping that I’m proven wrong there.

    • Oh, and they do sell liquor here. One of the stores is Denver has a liquor store next to it. ;)

      • Yes, but the law is that only one store in a chain can have one, so that’s the only one that will set it. (There’s a King Soopers in Denver that sells wine, too, but it’s the only one because of the law.)

        • Hmmm…even if the store selling the wine is a separate building? The King Soopers you’re talking about has the liquor inside the actual store.

          • They can sell it in a separate building, like Costco does, but they can only have one with the same entrance as the store. The TJ’s in Boulder doesn’t have wine, either.

            • Yes, I know that only the one in Denver has a separate liquor store. I’ve been stalking TJ’s since I heard they’re finally opening some out here. None of the actual stores sell liquor so I’ll hold out hope they’ll do the same down here. They do sell more than just Charles Shaw wine. Lots of interesting beers. Cheaper prices on liquor. Great variety of wines. My husband would be thrilled!

    • Hehe, well, we’ll probably have to agree to disagree on that one. ;)

  2. Ha Ha Ha!!!! I wish we had a like button!!! :)

  3. Does anyone else hear angels singing?

    • Meredith says:

      Yes, I do Penny! A 10 stem bunch of daffodils is only $1.29! Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that a good price.

  4. I think Charles Shaw is a step up from boxes, and a better value, too.

  5. I am intrigued but I wouldn’t say “excited.” :) There sure is a lot of hype. We don’t really eat much processed food, so I think most of the glory of Trader Joe’s will be lost on me. But it might be fun for an occasional change.

  6. I’m with you, Carrie. I’ve been disappointed in their store since I started reading labels. They still carry items with artificial ingredients. I have a son who has major reactions to artificial ingredients. There are a few items I’ll be excited about, but not as much as other people! Another disappointment is that my friends mom has to move because her apartment is next to the one in Denver. It’s now considered “prime real estate” so the rent almost doubled!

  7. So Colorado has legalized marijuana, but there are strrict laws about buying wine and the doors a legit store has that is selling the wine???

  8. My husband and I love Trader Joe’s. We fell in love with it ten years ago when we were living in California due to his work. Then we ended up moving back to VA, and TJ’s followed suit a couple of years later. We have now settled down here in Colorado, and it is nice to have TJ’s follow us wherever we go. We are die hard fans, so we visited one of the Denver stores a couple of days after they opened. Also, we are happy that they will be closer next year, so we can visit more often. You should try the cookie butter! It’s a very versatile treat, and it is also has less fat than peanut butter.

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