Random Chatter: 4/1/2014

We have a dinner bell!

dinner bell

Jeremy got this bell for me for Christmas and we finally got it mounted outside the other day.  Now I don’t have to go hoarse trying to let the kids know that it’s time to eat.  So far, I have promised to only use it for meals and in an emergency, so they know to come quickly whenever it rings.  (I have the feeling that if I rang it for starting school time, the response might not be so prompt.)

We don’t have any children that would be generally be characterized as mischievous (naughty, yes, but none where I would say “mischief is their middle name”), which is perhaps why I was flabbergasted last week when I caught the three-year-old filling a mixing bowl with water in the bathroom sink and found out that they were dumping water on the floor in the living room to make a swimming pool!  Thankfully, it was discovered before they got more than two small cups of water, but oh my.  Hopefully that is not a trend for the future!

Friends keep asking me how the house renovations are going and I have to respond that we haven’t done much since we moved in late last October!  Well, we have done some, but nothing terribly exciting.  We started painting the outside of the house a couple of months ago (new color is in the picture above, though it looks greener there than it does in real life), so that’s our main project for right now.

Finding days where it’s warm enough to paint and we feel like it and have time is difficult.  Plus, there are a lot of repairs to make the siding and trim before painting, it has to be powerwashed, and there have been a few places that had to be primed before we paint, so it’s more complicated than just deciding to paint on a nice afternoon.  It’s definitely a bigger project than when we painted our last house.  We are painting it in sections at a time and trying to mostly finish each section so that it doesn’t look too horrible since it often goes weeks before we get out to paint again.  That should change as the weather is consistently warmer, though!

Do you remember when there were toys in cereal boxes?  My kids somehow brought up the topic the other day – I don’t know if they read about it in a book or what, because I haven’t seen a toy in a box in a loooong time.



  1. Our folks has a large triangle made to call us to meals as kids! It moved to every house we lived in, every state — but I’ll be darned if i know who ended up with it when the folks scaled down. It was loud if you were under neath it, but didn’t work too well if you inside the neighbor’s house (like you weren’t supposed to be). Ahh, the memories!

  2. We have that same bell! I had mine engraved with our last name and year we were married. I also only ring mine if the kids need to come running! :)

  3. I actually found Despicable Me Minion toys inside Cocoa Puffs not too long ago. I gave the toys to my niece and nephew, but – I’ll confess – I ate the Cocoa Puffs :)

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