Safeway Weekly (4/16-4/22): Lowest Price on Spiral-Sliced Ham + More

I think Safeway has the best deal on spiral-sliced ham for Easter – it’s $1.59/lb here, versus $1.69/lb at King Soopers and $1.79/lb at Albertsons. I’m not seeing a ton of other great deals, but unfortunately, their site is being wonky this morning and I didn’t even completely finish going through the front page before it stopped loading completely. I don’t think there was much else on the front page, but if you see anything great on the interior pages, please comment!

These deals are valid April 16-22, 2014.


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  1. I thought that the Reddi-wip for $1.99 with coupon and the Wesson oil for $2.49 with coupon were both fairly good deals when combined with the printable coupons I have.

    • Thank you! I just looked at the printable I found for Wesson is “redeemable at Walmart” and most other stores aren’t taking those coupons, so just FYI that it might be an issue at checkout. Still, $2.49 is a great price!

  2. Has anyone seen low sodium ham anywhere? My husband is certain we got one a few years ago. I don’t recall if it was around Easter or Thanksgiving/Christmas and I don’t recall what store it was from. We haven’t been able to find any since that one time.

    • You might try calling around to the local meat markets to see if they carry anything lower in sodium.

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