Reader Request: Where To Buy Fresh Seafood

Erin writes:

I was curious if there was a fresh fish/seafood store in Colorado Springs…other then Whole Foods and Sprouts. Although they are good options, they can be limited and they are not near where I live. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I’m not aware of any seafood stores in Colorado Springs, so if you know of one, please click here to comment!  I know that this is outside the range of Erin’s request, but if you know of any good fresh fish stores in the Denver area, please comment with that information, too.  I know some people would probably be willing to drive a bit if truly fresh fish was the goal!



  1. Sachkia says:

    The Asian market has fresh fish 615 Wooten Road, Suite 160 and there’s a hispanic store off of academy and pikes peak ave. on the left as well.

    That’s as fresh as they come I believe. I buy from whole foods as well not sure how fresh that is.

    • I totally hadn’t thought of Asian Pacific Market! It’s been probably a year since I’ve been in, but they have fish swimming around in a tank so definitely fresh.

    • I lived most of my life on the Coast in California so I’m having a tough time here as well…I got some bad food at Asian Market so I won’t go back plus the smell was really bad. I have good luck at Costco, other then that I buy at King Sooper, soak it in milk for an hour and then in lemon water for awhile, its edable……I was told my best bet is to buy a fishing pole (:)

      • I had never heard about soaking fish in milk before. Thank you so much for the tip — I am going to try it next time I buy some!

  2. I second the Asian Pacific market. Their seafood is so fresh, that some of the selections are still breathing!

  3. New England girl here you have to be able to see the ocean or the sea to get fresh seafood. fish, in Colorado you will have better luck getting fresh beef…

  4. We got live blue crabs from Asian Pacific to do a crab/shrimp boil for Memorial Day. They were very good, and very lively. They have tanks with fresh fish as well, also fresh shrimp/crayfish. You need to talk to someone at the counter about their shipment dates, esp. for crab and shrimp/crayfish.

  5. In denver there is the seafood landing they have fresh fish delivered twice a day and are reasonable twice

  6. I know you mentioned that you don’t live near Whole Foods; neither do I. In fact, it’s quite a trip for me to get there. However, I have major concerns about most seafood due to the fact that it is almost always farmed, and under absolutely disgusting conditions, including utter filth and overcrowding, for which antibiotic drugs are administered. Fish farms also dump a horrifying amount of extremely dangerous chemicals into the fish’s habitat. The farming of seafood contributes to both pollution and parasites that kill fish in the wild as waterways converge. Whole Foods at least discloses whether its seafood is wild-caught or farmed, and ‘farmed’ at Whole Foods means ‘sustainably farmed’, which is non-polluting and conservation-driven. I will gladly drive the more than hour-long round trip to Whole Foods and have a good idea as to how my seafood was raised and caught.

  7. Wholefoods is far and away the best place to get fresh fish. Their wild caught fish is caught from 24 hr boats unlike most coastal fish markets where the boats are out for 7 days or more. Visit my mongers up on North Academy. They are an amazing group.

  8. Shannon says:

    I grew up in Maine and am currently studying environmental chemistry. I am not an expert in fish by any means but there are a few things I try to keep in mind while shopping for seafood. I always look for wild caught ocean fish! Pollution in rivers and lakes is abysmal, its a simple matter of dispersion of chemicals. The ocean is able to disperse chemicals to a much greater degree so concentrations are lower in wild caught Ocean fish. Ocean farmed fish has its own slew of problems they can be invasive species when they escape, they are fed a feed which can contain high levels of PCB’s or other chemicals, They can be genetically engineered which again can cause problems if they escape. Frozen does not mean it isn’t fresh. My friend Amanda was the daughter of a shrimp boat captain and they flash freeze the catch right on the boat. Fish also have seasons so the “fresh” salmon that is in the grocery store all year is not necessarily fresh at all. I generally buy frozen. Whole foods is generally your best bet. And as shizou tsuji (the Julia Child of sushi) would say when in Rome…or in this case When in Colorado…buy beef. Ranch Foods direct is awesome. When I just cant stand it anymore I go to Bonefish Grill and get their lobster tail dinner :)

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