Safeway Weekly Deals (6/4-6/10): $5 Diapers + Good Deals on Tide, Cereal, Wish Bone Dressing

The great deals at Safeway this week are mixed in with a lot of ho-hum deals, but there are some good ones, include great deals on diapers and wipes on Friday!  You can also get great prices on Tide detergent, several General Mills cereals and granola bars, Wish Bone dressing, Best Foods mayo, and more.

These deals are valid June 4-10, 2014.


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  1. anthony says:

    the .59 a lb.cent smoked ham is a bait and switch..the guy at meat counter showed me the letter from safeway corp. to them. it read in letter NOT TO GIVE rainchecks..and mentioned the 1.99 as an alternative. safeway is a turd.

  2. The ad clearly states “while supplies last.”

    • anthony says:

      The ad clearly states “while supplies last.”
      thats a bait and switch… doesnt matter to me … they pay self check out people 3 bucks an hour..I just got 40 pounds of spiral cut ham for 23 bucks. AD CLEARLY STATES..THANKS LIZA

  3. anthony says:

    The ad clearly states “while supplies last.” ROOKIE

    • It is very typical for a store to not give rainchecks for an item that is marked “while supplies last”. I believe that they also frequently have the same policy when hams go on sale at Christmas, so this is not a new thing; and while I, like you, would prefer that they would offer a raincheck, the “while supplies last” does make it clear that they probably will not do so.

      Anthony, I need to ask that you please keep your comments kind and gracious to other people. I understand your frustration on various items that you have commented about recently, but there is a way to share your experience and thoughts without insulting other people who have kindly taken the time to try to help.

  4. There was a note posted in the window of the Falcon Safeway that said there was a mistake made – the .59 a pound hams were not distributed in time for the sale. I know they won’t offer rainchecks, but the next time I’m in during the day (it was late and there were not staff available back in that department) I’m going to ask if they think they’ll get them in at another time….and if that price will be the price if/when.

    • anthony says:

      funny..this space is called SPEAK YOUR MIND.

      • You know, it used to say “Leave a comment” but evidently it went back to the default when I changed the design a few months ago. I will change it back to “leave a comment”. :)

  5. Meredith says:

    I understand all the frustration. My Safeway in Falcon didn’t have a sign that I saw so I was completely clueless until I got home and saw my receipt. Apparently the Safeway Farms spiral sliced hickory smoked ham did not ring up on sale so I spent $18 on something I didn’t need.

    • The sign at the Falcon store was on the entry/exit doors over by the deli…I didn’t see one back by the meat dept. either. Was there a sale sign by the spiral hams? That was not what was on sale – the ones on sale for .59 a pound were not spiral sliced. That said, if they had a sign by the spiral hams when you bought yours…saying they were on sale…I’d ask them to honor that, in fairness. When I was there, I didn’t see anything indicating they were on sale. Good luck! :)

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