Send Your Expired Grocery Coupons to Military Families

Did you know that overseas US military can use expired coupons at the commissaries on their bases?  They are able to use manufacturer’s coupons that are up to six months expired – to many families, it’s a huge blessing since they aren’t exactly able to watch for sales on their favorite brands at five different grocery stores like we can!

Update October 2017: It seems that Victoria may not be collecting coupons anymore as a reader has reported not being able to get in touch.  If you know of another contact for sending expired coupons overseas, please contact us so we can update this page.

Victoria, a Springs Bargains reader, has been collecting expired coupons and distributing them to overseas military for several years, and I know that many of you have been participating by sending your expired coupons to her.  Here’s an update I just got from her:

For 5 years I have been honored to collect the expired coupons of shoppers and sending them overseas. This went from area to region to national and I have loved every minute. Now, we too will become ex-pats-June 29th! We are headed for the Embassy in the Republic of Georgia. I have already contacted the community liaison officer and she is excited for me to restart the program there.

If people would like me to still take their coupons by mail (I received 25-30 envelopes a week), please have them email me at and I will be sure to give them a new address as soon as my feet hit new soil. For everyone here in Colorado I cannot thank enough for making this program a success. Some of our recipients have sent back pictures of our coupons being used and traded at remote and not so remote bases and posts.

If you would like to send your coupons to overseas military, please email Victoria directly at and she will give you the mailing address to send them.

Please keep this in mind when sending your expired coupons:

  • Please divide your coupons into food and non-food (including pet food) categories.
  • Do not send coupons that are more than 2-3 months from expiration.
  • Only send coupons that are clipped – not whole inserts.
  • Do not send store coupons; only manufacturer’s coupons are able to be redeemed.

Thank you for taking the time to help our military families in this way!


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