Sprouts Weekly: Stock-Up Price on Raisins + More Deals

Sprouts has raisins for $1.99/lb this week, which is about as low as they go and is $0.06/lb cheaper than the Sam’s Club price.  (Though I have to admit I’ll pay a few cents more at Sam’s for not having to wrestle with getting dried fruit out of a bin with a scoop!  Is there a trick to that?)

They also have good deals on red bell peppers, onions, and more.

These deals are valid June 6-11, 2014.

Double Ad Wednesday Deals

Visit last week’s Sprouts post to see the deals that overlap on Wednesday!

This Week’s Deals


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  1. Valerie says:

    The trick is to ask one of the employees to pour some from their restock bags into your bag! Ha! I do that with apricots all the time because we love dried apricots but my son has a nut allergy and the bin is surrounded by nut bins. So I just ask if they will get me a bag full and they are always super happy to help. :) I think they understand that some of us buy more than a couple scoops worth and are happy to save us the frustration of scooping over and over and over.

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